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iPhone 5C Packaging Allegedly Leaks, New Video Shows Off Red Model



Images of the iPhone 5C’s packaging have been leaked, revealing an iPod-like style that features a clear front plastic shell that shows off the device from the inside. A video has also been outed that features what is supposedly a red iPhone 5C in the flesh, although we don’t get a very good look at it from the video.

Several photos from the packaging line reveal a pile of pink iPhone 5C units ready to be shipped out. Chinese website intially posted the photos, but they have since been taken down, for which has stepped in to save the day. The packaging appears to be the same plastic, rounded-off shells that were revealed about a month ago, with a clear plastic cover that goes over the top, similar to the packaging of the iPod touch. Covering the iPhone 5C’s screen is a sticker showing off the iOS 7 user interface with a color-matching wallpaper. Other photos reveal blue, yellow and green units up close.


Another photo, posted on Weibo, reveals the manual that looks to be the same shape as the packaging, complete with the rectangular shape and rounded-off corners, as well as a separate card for the SIM card eject tool. Essentially, we just saw a leaked unboxing right before our eyes, but we have yet to see anything else, including the accompanying USB cable and outlet adapter. However, we’re guessing these won’t change much.

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Furthermore, a video was recently posted showing off what is said to be a red version of the iPhone 5C, turned on and being played around with on camera. Unfortunately, we don’t get a good look of the device, as the handler doesn’t show us the back of the device or anything, meaning that it could easily be fake; the person in the video could’ve easily snapped on a red rear shell and called it a day, so we’re taking it with a grain of salt for now.

The video is also low-quality, so we’re even having a hard time making out features on the front, but we can easily see the earpiece and front-facing camera, which are aligned in what looks to be the same position as the iPhone 5, so it seems we won’t see any changes there. Overall, the video is short and we only see the Safari app in action, so it’s definitely not an informative video by any means.

The iPhone 5C is expected to be announced on September 10, which is the rumored date for Apple’s annual event later in the year close to fall. This could also be the time that we’ll see the iPhone 5S, iWatch, and possibly some more MacBook refreshes with Haswell and Thunderbolt 2.

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