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iPhone 5C Photos Give Buyers Best Look at Apple’s Cheap iPhone



If Apple does announce a new cheap iPhone 5C, as rumors suggest, it may very well look like alleged iPhone 5C photos that have leaked out today ahead of Apple’s iPhone event which is rumored to include both the iPhone 5C and the flagship, iPhone 5S.

Rumors have suggested that this year’s iPhone lineup may consist of not one, but two new iPhone models including a flagship iPhone 5S that would replace the iPhone 5 and a cheap iPhone model made of plastic that is being called the iPhone 5C. Whispers in regards to a cheap iPhone have persisted for months and recently, we’ve seen photos and even video of the purported iPhone 5C emerge ahead of Apple’s iPhone launch date. Today’s photos however offer the clearest look yet on what very well could be Apple’s cheap iPhone.

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This could be the iPhone 5C.

This could be the iPhone 5C.

The photos, which come from Sonny Dickson, show off what appears to be a white iPhone 5C back plate in the flesh, complete with Apple and iPhone logos on the back. The photos depicts a cheap, plastic looking back and show off the innards of the casing in fantastic detail. In fact, the high-resolution photos bring prospective buyers as close as they ever have been to the rumored iPhone 5C.

Apple’s iPhone 5C is expected to debut later this year and is rumored to be aimed at emerging markets like China where Apple wants to dominate the cheap smartphone market. The device isn’t expected to be on the same level as the iPhone 5S in terms of specifications but with a solid price point, Apple is hoping that consumers latch on.

The iPhone 5C is rumored for launch later this year.

The iPhone 5C is rumored for launch later this year.

The device is also expected to debut in a number of different colors, something that we’ve never seen with the previous iterations of Apple’s iconic iPhone.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 5C could take on the 8MP camera from the iPhone 5 and a 4-inch Retina display, the same size and quality that is found on Apple’s current flagship.

The device is rumored to be coming alongside the iPhone 5S.

The device is rumored to be coming alongside the iPhone 5S.

It’s still not clear when Apple plans to launch either of these devices though speculation suggests that Apple may be hosting an iPhone related event in September.

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