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iPhone 5c on Sale at Best Buy for $50 This Weekend



Have you been waiting for the new iPhones to go on sale before grabbing one? Well, the likelihood of that happening this soon was pretty slim, but it has happened. Best Buy has slashed the subsidized price of the iPhone 5c by half, allowing those who are eligible for an upgrade to buy an iPhone 5c for as low $50 after signing a new two-year contract.

However, there is a slight catch: You actually won’t get $50 just slashed off of the price. Instead, you’ll pay the full subsidized price of the phone, but you’ll get a $50 Best Buy gift card to defray the cost of the iPhone 5c. The only downside to this plan is that, yes, you’ll have to use that gift card only at Best Buy, which often marks up prices of electronics significantly higher than other places.

Then again, you could use that gift card to buy a new video game or other product that doesn’t have a markup, and if it’s especially a video game that you’ve been wanting for awhile, that $50 gift card will be a nice thing to have.

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What’s perhaps more curious, though, is that this sale comes just two weeks after the phone’s launch, and we’re already seeing huge discounts on the cheaper device. We already know that the iPhone 5s most likely outsold the iPhone 5c, since the plastic-laden device took a while to sell out, compared to the iPhone 5s, which took just a matter of a few minutes for online orders.

Then again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that sales for the iPhone 5c are suffering. Sprint, for example, started a promotion right when the new phones released that saw new customers getting the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c for $100 off, allowing customers who switched over to get the iPhone 5c for free, or the iPhone 5s starting at $99. That was probably one of the biggest sales we’ve seen so far of the new iPhones.

Furthermore, this has probably been the most deal-filled year for the iPhone yet, with more retailers giving discounts to those who buy the new iPhone than ever before. In years past, we’ve hardly ever seen a just-released iPhone go on sale. Usually, there might be one retailer that puts a slight discount on the device, but this year we’ve seen a handful of retailers practically giving the iPhone 5c away, while also slashing prices of the flagship iPhone 5s. It’s certainly good news for the consumer.

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