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iPhone 5S and iPad 5: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do



Apple and Samsung are bitter rivals on store shelves and in commercials which fight for consumers, but at the end of the day it’s tough for Apple to leave Samsung and it looks like the iPad 5 and iPhone 5S will be another example of rivals working together.

After a lengthy lawsuit in 2012, it looked like Apple would cut ties with Samsung in the middle of 2013 to remove Samsung from the supply chain for the iPhone and iPad. In April it looked like Apple was ready to push Samsung out by the iPhone 6, and other rumors suggested we could see other companies step in to fill openings for the iPhone 5S and iPad 5.

Now, as we come within a month of an anticipated iPhone 5S launch and approach a rumored iPad 5 release later this fall, reports point to an iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 that contain Samsung produced parts, and a future that Apple may not be able to untangle for the iPhone 6 and other devices.

Samsung and Apple may be tied together through the iPhone 5S and iPad 5.

Samsung and Apple may be tied together through the iPhone 5S and iPad 5.

iPad 5 Set to Contain Samsung Displays

A new statement from NPD DisplaySearch claims Apple is back with Samsung, tapping the rival to make the iPad 5S display and the iPad mini display. CNet shares a BrightWire News report that cites an industry official who claims Apple returned to Samsung after other suppliers could not deliver the displays needed.

The data from NPD DisplaySearch indicates Apple relies on Samsung more than it does on other suppliers like LG. Samsung supplied more iPad display panels in April and June and reportedly increased 80% to 4.1 million panels in the second quarter.

The new iPad 5 design should mirror the iPad mini, and will likely include Samsung made displays.

The new iPad 5 design should mirror the iPad mini, and will likely include Samsung made displays.

According to these sources Samsung will make the new display panel for the iPad 5 and for the iPad mini 2, but this does not shed any light on whether the iPad mini 2 will use a higher-resolution Retina Display. NPD DisplaySearch closely monitors display trends and predicted the iPad 3 Retina Display upgrade ahead of release.

iPhone 5S Reportedly Running on Samsung Chips

Despite claims that Apple could shift to TMSC or even Intel for the Apple A series processors in the near future it looks like Apple may be sticking with Samsung for part of the iPhone 5S.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the iPhone 5S will use an Apple A7 processor in the new iPhone, and as 9to5Mac shared, the IOS 7 beta 4 release included code that pointed to a Samsung made A7 processor that is expected in the iPhone 5S.

It’s not clear if Samsung is making an inroad top the iPhone 5S display after reportedly losing out on the iPhone 5 to Sharp, LG and Japan Display, but it is abundantly clear that removing a key supply chain partner is not a simple, or quick process.

iPhone infographic Samsung v Apple

The infographic from The Economist shows how much of an iPhone came from Samsung. This is from the iPhone 4 in 2011, but is still an interesting look at how much Apple needs, or needed Samsung.

Perhaps Apple realizes this as it is reportedly planning on a Samsung for Apple A Series chips in the near future.

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