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iPhone 5S and 5-inch iPhone 6 Rumored for 2013 Release



A new rumor from China claims Apple will release the iPhone 5S and a larger iPhone 6 in 2013, but the rumor appears less credible than the supply chain rumblings and analyst musings which normally account for the most believable iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 rumors.

The newest rumors comes via BrightWire, which points to a post on Laoyaoba where an individual claims that he has seen the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 at Apple suppliers and that we should expect an iPhone 5S release and an iPhone 6 release in 2013.

This source claims the iPhone 5S looks like the iPhone 5, which is expected and previously rumored. He also claims the iPhone 6 will feature a 5-inch display, similar to what we expect on the Galaxy S4.

Just like the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, we can’t buy this rumor yet.


9to5Mac tracked down the source of the iPhone 5S and 5-inch iPhone 6 rumor and found that the rumor doesn’t add up, in part because the rumor is on a micro blog alongside uncorroborated rumors.

This is not the first time we’ve heard rumors of multiple iPhone sizes or a larger iPhone. Even before the iPhone 5 launched in 2012 there were rumors of two iPhones launching, a iPhone 5 and a larger iPhone. Recent reports show how Apple could launch an iPhone 5 and a 5-inch iPhone in the same year, but we’ve yet to see leaked parts or other credible rumors. Despite the lack of supporting information we’ve already seen one iPhone 6 render with a 5-inch display, shown below.

By comparison, rumors for the iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen appeared on The Wall Street Journal in May, four months before the iPhone 5 launch. We are already seeing leaked parts that could be from the iPhone 5S, but there are no leaked parts to point to a 5-inch iPhone 6. Tim Cook recently dismissed the idea of a larger screen size for the upcoming iPhones.

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Rumors point to an iPhone 5S that looks much like the iPhone 5, with a faster processor and a better camera. It is possible Apple will use new Sharp IGZO screen tech in the updated iPhone 5S, but there is no indication Apple will opt for a larger screen. There is speculation that Apple will include a hidden fingerprint reader in the iPhone 5S, something the company just won a patent for.

The latest credible rumors point to a summer iPhone 5S release date, likely at WWDC 2013. This includes reports from iLounge and from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, both of which have a good track record with Apple rumors.

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  1. Scott

    02/08/2013 at 1:21 pm

    those iphone mockup shots look just like Marco Arment’s image that he created.

  2. whatever

    02/09/2013 at 9:19 am

    I wish the people who write these articles would 1)think of something new to say instead of copying each other’s work and 2)think before they start writing such dribble and nonsense. Firstly Tim Cook has said dismissed ideas of an Iphone with a larger screen but then there has been plenty of times when the great Steve Jobs said one thing then changed his mind and did the other. Remember Ipod nano’s when they could not play videos on them, Steve Jobs said that it was stupid and a bad idea yet the next version of the Ipod nano was able to play videos. apple are highly secretive so Tim Cook is hardly likely to turn around and say “hey yes larger screen sizes are a good idea,” thus giving a heads up to consumers and competitors. Apple being secretive also means that we are not likely to see prototypes or parts. Even if/when we do most people will dismiss them and believe them fake. Tim Cook has said that Apple will double down on secrecy so where as once upon a time we could see leaks and parts pictured online, now we are likely to see only a lucky few pictures and those will probably be Apple, keeping the hyper mill in hyper drive. This rumour may be false but then it could be true.Rather than see it as false because it does not come with photographs and sworn testimonials by high ranking Apple employees on record does not mean it is false. You say that thee has been no pictures leaked of the Iphone 5s/6 actually there has! a french website leaked some pics it found. The pics were of Iphone 5s part AND Iphone 6 part. Whether or not the pics were genuine or not is another matter. Next time try writing something original and engage your brain before you engage your keyboard. Apple are very good at what i call positive rumours. where a rumour/story does the rounds and everyone either dismisses it or some see it as true. Most people though see it as false and it then turns out to be true. It was the case with the Iphone 4. An italian website had a picture of the Iphone 4 on that everyone said was false yet it turned out to be true. Sort of Apple throwing a curve ball so to speak.

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