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iPhone 5s Australia Launch Already Seeing 7-10 Day Wait



We already know that inventory for the iPhone 5s will be extremely low come tomorrow when the phone launches, but it seems things are worse in Australia. It’s already Friday in Australia, which means the iPhone just launched there. However, right away people are seeing a 7-10 day wait before the phone can be shipped to them.

All colors and storage options are seeing the 7-10 day wait on Apple’s Australian website. Usually, when plenty of stock is available, Apple says 1-2 days before it’ll ship. iPhone 5c cases are also seeing a bit of a delay, with a 3-5 day wait listed for the Connect Four-esque rubber cases.

We suppose this isn’t too surprising, but it’s hard to believe that the new device just launched, and already it’s seeing a week delay at least. It’s possible that Australia didn’t get as many units as other countries, but it makes us even more wary about the possibility of there actually hardly being any stock for US customers. It’s predicted that 50% of people wanting to buy an iPhone 5s won’t get one on launch day, which is a pretty scary figure, especially if you really want the new device.

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iPhone 5S Release Shortages

Apple is launching two new iPhones this year, one of which has already been put up for pre-order and hasn’t been completely sold out yet. That’s the iPhone 5c. As for the iPhone 5s, Apple isn’t doing pre-orders, which means that if you want a reasonable shot at getting one, you’ll have to wake up early and fight the crowds Black Friday style.

Apple Retail Stores will likely get the largest number of units in stock for tomorrow’s launch, but don’t expect numbers to be anything grand. Apple Stores are still expected to receive only a finite amount of units, with carrier and retail stores receiving even less, meaning that it’ll be harder to get the new device if you plan to go to a carrier store or your local Best Buy.

Depending on where you live, though, you might be able to get to a store just a couple of hours early and have a good shot at getting the iPhone 5s, but your chances will be slimmer if you want a gold or white model, according to various sources, so keep that in mind when you leave in the morning.

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