iPhone 5s Availability: Still Sold Out Everywhere

The iPhone 5s’s launch is over a week old now, but that doesn’t mean the wave of demand is down one bit. Apple’s latest flagship device is still sold out everywhere, with ship dates as late as early November depending on what model you look at. The online Apple Store and carrier stores are completely sold out of the iPhone 5s, and it’ll be at least a few weeks until you can get your hands on one, if you haven’t already.

We decided to take a peek at what the ships dates are for the iPhone 5s. We knew the phone would sell out quick, with the gold version selling out the quickest; it was gone within minutes online, and physical Apple Store locations ran out after the first few customers in line nabbed all of them. Apple was running really low on gold models in the first place, but apparently it was much lower than we thought. Here’s where availability is at with the iPhone 5s.

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Apple Store

Apple is showing an “October” ship time for the iPhone 5s. However, we’re not sure when exactly. This could mean as soon as later this week, or even in a few weeks from now, but all models are showing October, meaning that the gold version doesn’t seem to have a longer back-order than the other iPhone 5s models.

Physical Apple Store locations have them in stock every now and then, with the ability to order online and pick it up at the store, but the company seems to be offering a very small window whenever they do this, as units are selling out quick this way.


AT&T’s website shows a ship date of 7-14 business days when you order an iPhone 5s. This pretty much falls in line with Apple’s estimated October timeline, since 14 days will put you well within mid-October, but you may even get yours in just a week’s time if you’re lucky.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the gold version, since AT&T is showing a 28-42 business day shipping estimate, which will put you into late October at the earliest, but mostly into November. Ouch!

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.53.51 PMVerizon

Verizon’s website shows a “ship by” date of October 14 at the earliest. This is for the silver versions of the iPhone 5s. The space gray model shows a ship date of October 21, while the gold model won’t ship until November 11 at the latest. Dates vary by the size of the phone. For instance, the 64GB version can ship by November 4, while the 16GB model can ship by the 11th.

As for physical Verizon carrier locations, speaking with a representative, we learned that gold versions of the iPhone 5s won’t ship in until October 28, so users are going to have to wait at least a month before getting their hands on one if they’re wanting to pick it up at a store.


As for Sprint, it’s a bit vague on ship dates, but its website lists a 4-6 week delay for the space gray and silver versions, while the gold model is seeing an eight week delay, putting the wait time for a gold version two months out, which means if you order through Sprint, you won’t get it until late November!

Of course, demand for the iPhone 5s is probably greatest on Sprint’s network, as the carrier is offering a pretty great deal for new customers who switch over; these folks can get an iPhone 5s starting at $99 for the 16GB, which is $100 off the normal subsidized price.

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As for T-Mobile, their website doesn’t list a specific ship time, but they do notify customers that “due to high demand, your Apple product may not be available for immediate shipping. Once we are able to complete your order, you will receive a notification when your product has shipped.”

It’s a pretty vague statement, and it’s definitely something that T-Mobile upgraders will get antsy about once they order the new phone, but if availability is anything like other carriers, T-Mobile customers can expect to receive their iPhone 5s sometime in October, with gold models going out in November, most likely.

Gold iPhone 5s Is the Hottest in Town

As expected, the gold iPhone 5s is the version that’s in highest demand right now, and if you’re wanting a gold version, be prepared to wait at least a month, since you might not get yours until November. However, Apple is showing an October availability for the blinged-out phone, so if you order through Apple, you get it earlier than you would from any carrier.