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iPhone 5s Deal & iPhone 5c Pre-Orders Arrive Ahead of Release



Walmart will carry both new iPhones on the iPhone 5s release date, and is planning to cut the price of every iPhone model in the store, including the first iPhone 5s deal and a $20 price cut on the iPhone 5c.

Walmart will take new iPhone pre-orders, but only for the colorful and cheaper iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5s will be available in store on a first come, first served basis on September 20th — the same time it is available at the Apple Store and carriers. Walmart’s trade in program launches a day later.

Walmart will take iPhone 5c pre-orders at the customer service desk starting on September 13th, which lines up with Apple’s plan to start taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5c.

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The Walmart iPhone 5s deal chops $11 off the price of the iPhone 5s ahead of release.

The Walmart iPhone 5s deal chops $11 off the price of the iPhone 5s ahead of release.

Walmart is kicking off the new iPhone sales with discounts on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. This is possibly the first time we’ve seen an iPhone deal before the iPhone release date.

The iPhone 5s is $189 on a two-year contract with a major wireless carrier, $11 cheaper than Apple and carrier locations. This is a small discount, but it is a discount nonetheless, and it could point to Walmart flexing its retail muscle and delivering bigger discounts in the near future, similar to what it did with the iPhone 5.

Walmart’s iPhone 5s sales include all three iPhone 5s colors, but the retailer will only stock the 16GB iPhone 5s.

Walmart is also selling the colorful iPhone 5c at a discount, taking $20 off the price of the new iPhone before it even hits store shelves. Walmart offers iPhone 5c pre-orders at $79 on a new two-year contract and customers must pick up the pre-order by September 25th.

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Buying an iPhone at Walmart is nearly identical to going to a carrier or to the Apple Store in the essence that warranties are still handled by Apple.

In addition to the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s deals, Walmart is cutting the price on older iPhone models as well with most iPhone deals starting today.

The iPhone 5 16GB is now $79 on a two-year contract at Walmart while supplies last.

The iPhone 4S is now just $0.97 on a two-year contract while supplies last. For now this is the 16GB version, but will transition to the 8GB version when the older stock sells out.

The retailer is also selling the iPhone 4 for a penny on a two-year contract while supplies last. This deal doesn’t start until September 16th.

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