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iPhone 5S New Color All But Confirmed



The iPhone 5S is all but confirmed to be coming in a new color with the heavily rumored gold iPhone 5S almost certain for arrival at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S launch date.

Rumors, for weeks, have been swirling in regards to a new color for Apple’s iconic iPhone. While the company, in the past, has only offered up black and white options, rumors have pointed to a chance of pace with 2013’s model rumored to be called the iPhone 5S. A gold iPhone 5S has shown up in numerous leaks prior to launch and it now appears that the device is, in fact, the real deal.

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Apple is expected to debut a gold iPhone 5S.

Apple is expected to debut a gold iPhone 5S.

A new report from AllThingsD claims that a gold iPhone 5S will be a topic of conversation at Apple’s iPhone launch, something that all but seals the deal on a new iPhone color. The color is described as “elegant” and like “champagne” and it will likely match up with the leaks that we’ve seen occur in the days leading up to Apple’s suspected September 10th iPhone 5S launch date.

The device is expected to have a white face with a champagne gold back plate that is far different from the white and black iPhone models that Apple has sold in year’s previous. The color will extend to the device’s edges as well it seems, offering consumers something a bit different from the white and black devices that are expected to accompany it.

Gold iPhone 5S parts have leaked out prior to Apple's launch.

Gold iPhone 5S parts have leaked out prior to Apple’s launch.

Apple’s iPhone 5S is expected to be joined by an iPhone 5C, a plastic iPhone model that is rumored to be arriving with a host of different color options, again, something that Apple has not offered in the past. The iPhone 5C, unlike the iPhone 5S, isn’t supposed to be a premium option but instead, a phone aimed at those that don’t need a premium quality design with their 4-inch Retina Display. It’s also expected to have a lesser camera.

The company still hasn’t confirmed an iPhone 5S launch event though the iPhone 5S launch is all but confirmed for September 10th, just a few short days after Samsung unveils its Samsung Galaxy Note 3, one of its iPhone competitors.

iPhone 5S release date rumors have pegged the device’s release date for October, but those remain unconfirmed and given Apple’s history, unlikely.

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1 Comment

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