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iPhone 5S Home Button Photo Appears to Show Fingerprint Tech



A new photo of an alleged iPhone 5S home button includes what appears to be a fingerprint sensor. This is the first photo of what could be an iPhone 5S home button that includes the new technology in plain view, and it arrives just as Apple confirms the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launch.

Previous iPhone 5S parts leaks left room for an iPhone 5S fingerprint reader feature, but did not include any actual fingerprint reader or sensor components.

In August we first heard reports that the iPhone 5S home button would use the same Sapphire glass as the iPhone camera cover to protect the sensor and allow users to unlock the iPhone with a swipe.

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This could be the iPhone 5S home button with a fingerprint reader built-in.

This could be the iPhone 5S home button with a fingerprint reader built-in.

In this new photo, we see a redesigned iPhone 5S home button flex cable and a new sensor mounted on the home button. It’s impossible to verify if this photo comes directly from an Apple supplier at this time, but has delivered reliable information in the past.

Adding to the possibility that this is a legitimate iPhone 5S home button is the serial number which starts with an 821. This is common on Apple designed parts for the iPhone.

In addition to what appears to be a sensor on the home button there is a new square built into the cable and what appears to be a resistor of some kind further back.

A possible iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C home button with fingerprint sensor.

A possible iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C home button with fingerprint sensor.

The cable matches one leaked last week on MobilePies, as spotted by MacRumors. This previous cable was listed for sale online under the iPhone 5C name. It’s possible that Apple is planning to make a fingerprint sensor a key component of both new iPhone models, but this would be a change from previous rumors which mainly focused on an iPhone 5S fingerprint reader.

The iPhone 5S will reportedly use the fingerprint sensor to let users lock the iPhone with a fingerprint instead of a PIN or password. iOS 7 includes new security features that include an authentication that locks out unauthorized users and a new feature that prevents a thief from erasing an iPhone to resell it.

Apple is hosting an iPhone event on September 10th when we should see the iPhone 5S announced with a similar design to the iPhone and a collection of new features as well as a possible gold color option. The iPhone 5C should also make an appearance as a colorful, more affordable option for Apple buyers. We also should learn when the iOS 7 release date is set for.

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1 Comment

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