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iPhone 5S: Internal Redesign Points to New Features



A new set of Alleged iPhone 5S parts photos support analyst claims and rumors of a built-in fingerprint reader in the new iPhone, which many expect to arrive in September.

An iPhone 5S fingerprint reader will reportedly sit under the home button, which requires a re-arranging of the iPhone 5S internals to make room. The iPhone 5S may feature the same exterior look, but if these are really iPhone 5S parts the internals are changed, which may leave room for the rumored fingerprint reader.

Boy Genius Report shares a gallery of alleged iPhone 5S parts which show a collection of small changes to the internals of the new iPhone. On their own there is not much to be gleaned, but thanks to the number of parts photos we get a sense of a major internal redesign.

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Alleged iPhone 5S parts leak pointing to an internal redesign.

Alleged iPhone 5S parts leak pointing to an internal redesign.

The alleged iPhone 5S parts point to Apple changing around the iPhone 5S to fit in updated parts and new parts like the rumored fingerprint reader. The parts BGR claims are for the iPhone 5S include,

  • loud speaker bracket
  • ear speaker bracket
  • vibrating motor assembly
  • WiFi Flex cable ribbon
  • SIM card tray

We’ve seen some alleged iPhone 5S parts before, including SIM card trays, but these photos offer a very good look at parts. It’s impossible to tell if these are legit iPhone 5S parts, but they are plausible.

iPhone 5S rumors point to new cameras on the iPhone 5S. A rear facing 12MP camera is reportedly coming to the new iPhone and a 1080P HD front-facing camera is another possibility. Small changes to internal parts indicate Apple is changing things around, which leads us to believe new components are coming.

If Apple is planning a new iPhone 5S sapphire home button with a built-in fingerprint reader, as one rumor claims, a number of small internal changes are necessary. The fingerprint reader is reportedly part of a better mobile security solution and possibly tied to mobile payments as part of iOS 7.

The new SIM Card trays show a different color than the traditional iPhone 5 colors, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen new SIM card tray colors and they are easy to purchase on the Internet. The photo below shows an orange iPhone SIM card tray, which users can buy right now.

This is a replacement parts kit for the iPhone 5, which includes a new SIM Card tray color, but doesn't actually point to new iPhone 5S colors.

This is a replacement parts kit for the iPhone 5, which includes a new SIM Card tray color, but doesn’t actually point to new iPhone 5S colors.

iPhone 5S production is reportedly kicking off in June or July, which means parts for the iPhone 5S are very likely already in production at supply chain partners, or at least in trial productions. Two analysts are pointing to an iPhone 5S launch in September, which could mean a release soon after.

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