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iPhone 5S Launch Date Once Again Pegged for Summer



Thus far, all signs have pointed to Apple launching its next generation iPhone, presumed to be called the iPhone 5S, during an event this summer. Today, that very thing that has been rumored again as analyst Peter Misek has suggested that Apple will start iPhone 5S production in March with a launch slated for June.

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In the past few weeks, iPhone 5S rumors have started to heat up, even as the iPhone 5 remains one of the best smartphone options available on the market. Rumors and analysts alike have suggested that the device will look similar to the iPhone 5 but will be outfitted with some upgrades, specifically, an upgraded rear camera.

Iphone 5 vs Nexus 4

The iPhone 5S launch date has again been pegged for summer.

Rumors have also pointed to a launch in the summer, rather than one in the fall as Apple has done with the past two iPhones and once again, there murmurings of that being the case.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, in a note by way of Barron’s, suggests that Apple is cutting production of the iPhone 5 ahead of production of the iPhone 5S which is thought to be starting in March. Misek also says that there could be a delay until July but he believes that to be unlikely considering how similar the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S should be.

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The iPhone 5S is rumored to be coming in 2013 to replace the iPhone 5.

Misek also suggests that the cheaper iPhone model could be coming to China Mobile this summer as well. The cheaper iPhone is thought to be made of plastic and be aimed at emerging markets like China. The device is thought to be launching alongside the iPhone 5S later this year.

He also again reiterates his claim that Apple may in fact be using Sharp’s IGZO display technology in the new iPhone which comes on the heels of a report that claims that Apple has hired an OLED expert to help build better displays.

Of course, analysts are often wrong and Misek’s note is already thought to have inaccurate information. According to Jim Darymple from The Loop, who is notoriously accurate with his assertions, Misek’s claim that Apple will be hosting a TV-related event next month is wrong. So the rest of the information should be taken with a grain of salt as well.

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