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iPhone 5S Launch Date: What Not to Expect



With the iPhone 5S launch event all but confirmed for September 10th, consumers around have begun to prepare for what Apple has in store this year. And while the contents of the event remain undisclosed, there are enough rumors and enough history to make some educated predictions about what will go down at Apple’s yearly iPhone event.

Shortly after the iPhone 5’s arrival last September, rumors of iPhone 5S’ and iPhone 6’s began sprouting up to the surface, teasing consumers with information about Apple’s 2013 iPhone launch. Of course, at the beginning, the rumors were fairly scarce and were a mere trickle before the eventual tidal wave of rumors.

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Over the course of 2013, we’ve heard a ton about Apple’s plans for the iPhone with rumors ranging from a larger screen model joining the iPhone 5S, rumors about a cheaper iPhone aimed at emerging markets, and of an iPhone 5S that would be coming to replace the iPhone 5 but keep the 4G LTE speeds, 4-inch display and aluminum design that arrived with last year’s model.

As the weeks went on, rumors of an iPhone 6 and of a larger screen iPhone faded away, leaving consumers with two prospective iPhone models for 2013, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. Apple hasn’t announced either of these devices yet but it’s clear that it will likely do so and likely do so soon.

Apple hasn’t sent out invites for an iPhone event just yet but reputable sources agree that September 10th will be the day that Apple makes at least one iPhone official. The company will likely host the event at a venue in Northern California, likely the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and there, it will show off a new iPhone or iPhones, but some other things as well.

Ahead of the iPhone 5S launch date, it’s time to take look at what consumers should not expect from September 10th which has become the prime candidate for an iPhone 5 launch.

No Way to Watch the Event

In years past, Apple was fickle about offering a live stream for average consumers. However, as we’ve seen with recent Apple launches, the company has warmed up to the idea of allowing hundreds of thousands of eyes to view exactly what it’s announcing stage. So while Apple hasn’t announced anything just yet, don’t expect this to be a closed event as Apple should provide consumers with a live stream through its website.

Apple will likely offer a live stream for consumers.

Apple will likely offer a live stream for consumers.

What this means is that users who aren’t media or don’t want to follow along on a live blog, should be able to easily stream the show from their office or home. In the past, the live stream has been a little unstable, likely due to the amount of people watching, but it still is the best way to watch the event unfold if not in the audience.

Even if there isn’t a live stream, there will likely be unauthorized ways of watching the iPhone 5S launch. There are always the live blogs as well. Android and Windows Phone users will likely be left out in the cold though.

A Different Script

Unlike Samsung, which has progressively become more flamboyant when it comes to product launches, Apple tends to stick to a formula, one that it has perfected over the years.

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Don't expect Apple to deviate from its usual script.

Don’t expect Apple to deviate from its usual script.

What we mean is that Apple’s iPhone 5S launch should play out like past iPhone launches in that Tim Cook will take the stage, run down some important things about the company, defer to his colleagues to show off the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7, come back on stage to sell the device at the end of the show and then close it out.

Apple doesn’t veer too far from its script when it comes to these events, for better or for worse. But as we’ve seen with Samsung’s launch events, flamboyancy doesn’t always work well with consumers.

iPhone 5S Only

The iPhone 5C is likely to emerge with the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5C is likely to emerge with the iPhone 5S.

September 10th is rumored to be an iPhone 5S launch event. And while there haven’t been any rumors that specifically state that the iPhone 5S will be joined on stage by the iPhone 5C, the leaks make it all but certain that the iPhone 5S will be joined on stage by another iPhone model.

Apple’s iPhone 5C started out as a flimsy rumor. However, in the past few weeks, it has become clear that the iPhone 5C is very likely real and very likely coming out sometime this year.

The device is expected to possess a 4-inch Retina Display, 8MP camera, plastic design, cheap price tag, several color options and a Lightning port. Rumors suggest it will replace the iPhone 4S but will come without Siri. From the looks of things, it also possesses a fairly slim design, on par with the iPhone 5’s 7.1mm frame.

Given the rumors, given the leaks, it’s hard to think that the iPhone 5C would miss a launch event geared towards iPhone. So at this point, don’t expect the iPhone 5S to be alone on stage come launch day as it will likely have a plastic counterpart joining it.

Lack of Information

Apple set the bar for smartphone launches and thus far, while Android manufacturers have gotten closer to mimicking Apple’s events, they still haven’t pulled it off completely.

Sure, we’ve seen companies like HTC and Samsung finally announce carriers, specific release windows and more at their product launches. But they still leave many questions unanswered. Apple does not do that.

Instead, Apple lays out information in plain view and details all of the pertinent details. That means iPhone 5S hardware, iPhone 5S software, iPhone 5S price, iPhone 5S carriers, and yes, specific iPhone 5S release dates. We’ll likely even get a pre-order date.

Apple likes to lay it all out there for consumers and thus, consumers shouldn’t expect a lack of information about the iPhone 5S, or the iPhone 5C, on launch day. Expect to know everything there is to know about these two smartphones on day one.

Immediate iOS 7 Release

iOS 7 will be another product that joins the iPhone 5S on stage in September. Apple glossed over the new iOS update in June at WWDC, but we expect it to detail even more come September.

The iPhone 5S is expected to have a fingerprint reader for added security and it’s likely that the iPhone 5S will have a unique iOS 7 feature or two that ties into that. There are also rumors that the iPhone 5S could have 120fps and slow motion filming with its camera.

iOS 7 won’t just be hitting the iPhone 5S though, it’s coming to several iPhones iPads as well. And on stage, in addition to detailing iOS 7 features, we expect Apple to detail an iOS 7 release date. Just don’t expect it to arrive that very day.

Instead, the Gold Master of iOS 7 is expected to arrive for partners and developers on September 10th. Typically, there is a few days between GM release and final release which means that we should see an iOS 7 release date arrive in the days after the iPhone 5S launch, not on it.

iPad mini 2 & iPad 5

This is an iPhone event so don’t expect Apple to debut new iPads on stage. The company is expected to unleash both an iPad 5 and an iPad mini 2 later this year though it’s looking like we may see them arrive in October with November release dates ahead of the holidays.

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The new iPad 5 design should mirror the iPad mini, and will likely include Samsung made displays.

Don’t expect an iPad mini 2 or iPad 5 in September.

We also wouldn’t expect Apple to detail anything about the upcoming Mac Pro as it tends to focus its yearly iPhone events on iPhone and iOS rather than other products.



  1. mcw3

    08/15/2013 at 5:36 pm

    I recently updated Watch ESPN, and the description said that the update was to make the app ready for iOS 7. Has Apple handed out a version of iOS 7 for developers so that they can get their apps ready for it?

    • hobothug

      08/15/2013 at 6:29 pm

      Yes. In fact, there is a Beta version out there that just regular consumers can get their hands on and install on their devices. The Beta version still has some bugs – thus not being ready for market yet – but it’s out there for developers and others to play around with.

  2. shabootie

    08/15/2013 at 7:09 pm

    Why not just title the article “what to expect”. It’s like writing an article “what features is the iphone 5s rumored not to have?” …”not a fingerprint sensor, a lack of a 12 megapixel camera…”. Just making this more confusing

    • treefingerz

      08/16/2013 at 4:27 am

      What not to not expect about what will not not be in the iphone 5s

    • Montgomery alabama

      08/19/2013 at 7:03 am

      I like chicken fingers too man.

      • gordlardo

        09/09/2013 at 2:57 pm

        mee tooo

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