iPhone 5S Launch Date: What to Expect
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iPhone 5S Launch Date: What to Expect



Apple still isn’t talking about its iPhone 5S launch date but thanks to rumors, reports, speculation and history, we can piece together what consumers can expect from the iPhone 5S launch date which is expected to land in just a few weeks time.

Last September, Apple released the iPhone 5, its first iPhone with a 4-inch display, aluminum back, and 4G LTE data speeds. The device remains one of the best smartphones on the market and should Apple choose to keep it around, it will remain one of the best smartphones available in the United States.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be replaced sometime soon with rumors suggesting that Apple is gearing up for its yearly iPhone launch. Instead of an iPhone 6, the company is thought to be introducing an iPhone 5S, an ‘S’ version of the iPhone 5 that may be paired with a new iPhone 5C, a cheap plastic iPhone that may replace the iPhone 4S as the company’s budget option.

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Most consumers in the United States probably have their hearts set on the iPhone 5S, the company’s rumored flagship, and the true successor to the iPhone 5. And rightfully so. The device is rumored to have a number of upgrades over the iPhone 5 including a far superior camera, better processor, and a fingerprint reader that could be tied into iOS 7.

It’s also expected to retain the iPhone 5’s industrial design, keep the same 4-inch screen size, and perhaps come with some fantastic battery life, something that all consumers look for in a smartphone. The iPhone 5S may not be the redesigned big screen iPhone 6 that some consumers were looking for, but it certainly appears to be an attractive device on paper.

Rumors have been flying around about its launch date and finally, after many months, it appears that we have nailed an iPhone 5S launch date down, despite the lack of an Apple invite.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at what consumers should expect from the upcoming iPhone 5S launch date.

September 10th

Apple hasn’t sent out invites for its iPhone launch event just yet but it has become clear that the company will be using September 10th as the iPhone 5S launch date. First of all, the date was confirmed by The Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD which is a reputable source and known to be provided with inside information.

Furthermore, The Loop‘s Jim Dalrymple who is notorious for issuing correct one word response in regards to Apple’s plans, gave the date a thumbs up with a simple ‘Yep.’ So while the iPhone 5S launch date isn’t confirmed, September 10th is the date that consumers will want indeed circle in their calendars as a big date in Apple’s future.

Lots of Sales Figures Touting iPhone

So how about the launch event itself. Well, because Apple has been putting these events on for years, it’s fairly easy to pinpoint some of the things that it will do come iPhone 5S launch. There is certainly still some mystique to Apple’s events but there are certainly some things that consumers can expect to see from the Cupertino-based company.

Apple loves to toot its own horn. We’ve seen lead into product announcements with a recap of some of its feats and we expect that to happen come iPhone 5S launch. Specifically, we expect Apple to talk about iPhone sales and market share. With Google recently trumping up its Android activations, Apple will likely want to assert its iPhone models right away at the event.

An iPhone 5S mockup shows a similar home button design.

Expect Apple to tout its iPhone sales at the iPhone 5S launch event.

We should see it talk specifically about the iPhone 5 and we could also see it mention both the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 which remain on shelves. The iPhone 4S in particularly is said to still be selling well.

Consumers should also expect Apple to tout its iOS adoption rate which is extremely high, while also taking swipes at Android’s. After all, Google just released a new version of Android, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Focus on Camera

The iPhone 5S figures to be the star of the show and we expect to see Apple run down many of its hardware features. However, given rumors, we expect Apple to focus heavily on the device’s camera which looks like it will be one of the biggest features on a phone that shares a design with its predecessor.

Apple’s iPhone 5S camera has been rumored to feature two different colors for the dual LED flash. This, in addition to a second LED flash, should help to increase the brightness for photos captured in low light or dark environments. By implementing this technology, the iPhone 5S could possess one bulb that would be white in color and a second bulb that would be yellow. This, as we’ve pointed out, would allow for more natural colors when the flash is used.

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Expect a better camera and a new dual-LED flash.

The iPhone 5S camera figures to be one of its most attractive features.

If true, the iPhone 5S camera could be one of the most balanced and effective mobile cameras on the market, something that would surely be music to the ears of consumers who demand high-quality cameras with their smartphones.

We expect the company to tout other features too, like its processing power and battery life, but look Apple to focus on the camera when it comes time to discuss iPhone 5 hardware.

More iOS 7

Apple showed off iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 but it didn’t show off all of iOS 7. There are still some features that Apple has yet to show off to consumers, some of them likely pertaining specifically to the iPhone 5S.

Expect Apple to run down more of iOS 7 at the iPhone 5S launch event. In addition to reminding consumers about the big features it showed off at WWDC, expect the company to talk about some of the other features it failed to discuss at the event or features that it has improved or added on since the software first became official.

We also expect the iPhone 5S to have at least one unique software feature, possibly tied to its rumored fingerprint reader. There are also rumors that it could have some unique camera software, something that is still unconfirmed, but still very possible.

Apple needs to sell lots of iPhone 5s and with an extremely competitive market and the iPhone 5S expected to retain the same design and screen size, the company needs to add some unique marketable features. With the iPhone 4S, we got Siri. With the iPhone 5S and iOS 7, we should get some big time feature as well.

Pre-Order Date

Towards the end of the event, after the smoke has cleared, expect Apple to start detailing many of the things that prospective iPhone 5S buyers are after. One of those things of course is a pre-order. The iPhone is typically in high demand but short supply, so a pre-order is extremely important to those that want a new iPhone as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, Apple typically offers a pre-order date for its new iPhone and consumers should expect one to be announced at the iPhone 5S launch event in early September. It’s unclear as to when it might be, but typically, a new iPhone goes up for pre-order no later than a week after its launched.

Release Dates

The iPhone 5S release date has been pegged for October.

The iPhone 5S release date has been pegged for October.

Apple, unlike Android manufacturers, loves to give consumers concrete release dates for its products. In the case of the iPhone 5S, we should see Apple deliver a concrete release date for the iPhone 5S and any other big name product that is announced at the show.

Release date rumors suggest that we may not see the iPhone 5S land until late October but that seems a bit unrealistic given Apple’s history. The company typically only waits a few weeks before delivering the iPhone to its customers. It remains a possibility but consumers should be skeptical.

Firm iPhone 5S U.S. Release Date

Consumers in the United States will see carriers announced at the launch event, carriers that should include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon at the very least.

And unlike launches like the Galaxy S4, where carriers dictate the release date, consumers should expect Apple to deliver a firm iPhone 5S U.S. release date across carriers.

In the past, we’ve seen carriers take pre-orders ahead of a similar iPhone release date and consumers should expect the same to occur with the upcoming iPhone 5S.

More Than the iPhone 5S

Rumors indicate that the iPhone 5S won’t be alone on stage in September. The iPhone 5C, a cheaper iPhone, is expected to debut on stage as well. At this point, while it could be vaporware, there is enough evidence to suggest that Apple likely has another iPhone model up its sleeve. And given that September 10th is rumored to be an iPhone event, it would be strange to see an iPhone miss that event in favor of another one.

iPhone 5C mockup back plate.

iPhone 5C mockup back plate.

It’s also possible that we could see the new Mac Pro that Apple introduced at WWDC 2013, a device that still doesn’t have a release date. But at the very least, consumers should expect products other than the iPhone 5S to grace the stage at Apple’s iPhone 5S launch event.



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