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iPhone 5S Launch & iPhone 5C Rumors Challenged



iPhone rumors are out in full force as we move closer to iPhone 5S production and the suppose launch of the iPhone 5C, but the latest set of leaks and rumors appear to fall into the unlikely category.

On Friday a rumor that the iPhone 5S launch would take place on September 6th appeared online and over the weekend a bin of boxes for a budget iPhone called the iPhone 5C appeared online.

We shared both of these rumors as plausible, but today new evidence and commentary is in casting doubt on an iPhone 5S launch on the 6th and the iPhone 5C name.

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The iPhone 5S launch on September 6th isn't likely, and iPhone 5C boxes may not be the real deal.

The iPhone 5S launch on September 6th isn’t likely, and iPhone 5C boxes may not be the real deal.

iPhone 5S Launch Rumors

Apple is certainly working on a new iPhone that many are calling the iPhone 5S. On Friday iFun claimed Apple is planning a iPhone 5S launch for September 6th, the day IFA 2013 starts in Berlin. This event would reportedly include the iPhone 5S and a second iPhone model which could be the cheaper iPhone or iPhone 5C as other rumors have pointed to.

While this is a plausible date, and Apple loves to overshadow competitors with well-timed announcements and event invites, word comes in that the iPhone 5S launch is not going to take place on September 6th.

Apple did not comment on the iPhone 5S launch rumors, but a single word statement issued on Friday is close to an official comment from Apple as we can get for rumors.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop issues a “nope” on the iPhone 5S launch news. Dalrymple is not an Apple employee, but historically comments on Apple launch and release rumors with a “Yep” if they match Apple plans. In 2012 he essentially confirmed the iPhone 5 and iPad mini events weeks ahead of Apple sending invites.

Based on Apple’s financial filings, one firm believes Apple is planning the iPhone 5S release before September 28th to hit Earnings Guidance. If this is the case it could push the iPhone 5S release to September 20th with an iPhone 5S launch event during the week of September 9th. This isn’t a leaked date, rather a prediction based on working back Apple’s previous timelines.

iPhone 5C Boxes

A carton full of boxes with iPhone 5C on the sides leaked this weekend, possibly spilling the details on what Apple could call the cheap iPhone, but an image analysis points to anomalies that could mean this photo is a fake. Nowhereelse.fr provides the following six point teardown of the iPhone 5C image.

The iPhone 5C packages appear to be fake.

The iPhone 5C packages appear to be fake.

The iPhone 5C image may not be a legitimate photo of the cheap iPhone packaging, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard the name. iLounge shared rumor of the iPhone 5C name earlier this year and evidence that Apple is working on a cheap plastic iPhone that might come in multiple colors is piling up.

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Even though these iPhone rumors may not be on the money, leaks continue to flow, showcasing possible iPhone 5S and budget iPhone 5C plans.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jamie

    07/31/2013 at 3:24 pm

    I am getting fedup with Apple.Why don’t they come out and say something. Enough with Apple I will jump ship to Samsung. Thanks Apple and good luck.

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