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iPhone 5S Logic Board Photos Possibly Tip Bigger Battery



A new set of photos may show the iPhone 5S logic board stripped of the Apple A series processor and other components  but with enough details to point to a slimmer overall logic board and more room for other iPhone 5S parts, like a bigger battery.

A series of three photographs allegedly show off the iPhone 5S logic board front, back and a close up of where the iPhone 5S processor would sit.

Macotakara discovered the photos on the Moumantai blog. Moumantai is a Japanese parts supplier, but the firm appears to sell products direct to end users rather than act as a supplier for Apple. The firm does not explain where the alleged iPhone 5S logic boards came from, but if it is a real part it likely came from an Apple supplier that also sells parts to the company.

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The alleged iPhone 5S logic board is slightly smaller than the iPhone 5 logic board.

The alleged iPhone 5S logic board is slightly smaller than the iPhone 5 logic board.

The photos show what could be the iPhone 5S logic board with a narrower design and a new screw placement. When compared to the iPhone 5 Logic board from iFixit, there are new screw locations and a slightly redesigned bottom edge.

There appears to be less space to the left of the spot for an iPhone processor, and when looking at the back, a rectangular component now appears to be rotated to fit a smaller shape.

A claimed iPhone 5S logic board.

A claimed iPhone 5S logic board.

The top and bottom of the two logic boards show other small differences in design and in the connections. These aren’t the first alleges iPhone 5S parts to leak, but they back up internal changes which point to a redesign inside the next iPhone. This could be part of a move by Apple to build in a fingerprint sensor to the iPhone 5S, or these small changes could point to a small bump in the iPhone 5S battery size.

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The iPhone battery size on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 remains mostly unchanged, ranking in at;

  • iPhone 4  – 1,420 mAh
  • iPhone 4S  – 1,432 mAh
  • iPhone 5  – 1,434 mAh

Apple has been able to bump battery life on the iPhone even with a larger screen and LTE support, but many consumers still complain of bad iPhone battery life, many after recent iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4 updates.

When consumers are asked, better iPhone battery life consistently tops survey after survey and anecdotal conversations rank iPhone battery life as a continual iPhone 5 problem for the average user. It’s one of the reasons why iPhone 5 battery cases are so popular.

The iPhone 5 battery takes up any room left over from the logic board.

The iPhone 5 battery takes up any room left over from the logic board. Image via iFixit.

The alleged iPhone 5S logic board wouldn’t likely offer a lot more room, but as the image above from iFixit shows, whatever space the logic board doesn’t use, the iPhone battery does. A small iPhone 5S battery size increase could pair with software and processor efficiencies to deliver better iPhone battery life with the new model.

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Apple’s iPhone 5S is a rumored device that could arrive this fall, with many sources pointing to a September launch. The iPhone 5S is largely expected to arrive in a similar design and size as the iPhone 5, so any changes and new features are expected to arrive tucked inside the same shell as the iPhone 5 or on the new iOS 7 software update.

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