iPhone 5S Mockup Borrows iPad mini Design
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iPhone 5S Mockup Borrows iPad mini Design



Current rumors peg the iPhone 5S, also known as the iPhone 6, as having a design similar to that of the current iPhone, the iPhone 5. One designer though has released an iPhone 5S mockup that depicts what a iPhone 5S could look like with a design change, similar to the iPad mini, and a whole lot of color.

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In the buildup to the probable release of a new iPhone in 2013, a device currently dubbed iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, we will likely see quite a few concepts and mockups emerge showcasing what non-Apple employees think the iPhone 5S should or will look like. Already, we’ve seen one iPhone 6 concept that was inspired by the Nokia Lumia 920, a Windows Phone 8 device on AT&T.


This iPhone 5s mockup steals from the iPad mini design.

That concept was a little far-fetched though. A new iPhone 5S concept from designer Alexander Kormishin, courtesy of Nowhereelse, is not. Kormishin has dreamt up his own version of the iPhone 5S and it’s looking fantastic.

His version of the iPhone 5S takes heavily from the design of Apple’s 7.9-inch tablet, the iPad mini. We see the sleek anodized aluminum backing, same backing found on the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, and we also see the iPhone 5S in a variety of different colors, something that analysts believe might happen with this year’s iPhone or iPhones.

Other than those style changes, the iPhone 5S from Kormishin appears to be similar to that of the iPhone 5. And while this looks great, we don’t expect it to happen with the iPhone 5S. That’s because Apple generally sticks with a design for two years, rather than just one, and this year’s device is already rumored to look like the iPhone 5 which employs an industrial design made of metal, aluminum and glass.

That’s not to say that something like this couldn’t arrive in future models however.

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The iPhone 5S is rumored to be coming as soon as this summer, far earlier than the iPhone 5 which launched last fall. The device is rumored to have better screen technology, an upgraded camera, and it will more than likely be running iOS 7.

Rumors also point to Apple potentially releasing a cheaper iPhone model with a 4-inch screen combined with a plastic design. That device could be aimed at emerging markets where the cost of the regular iPhone is far too expensive for most of the population.

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