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Alleged iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 Parts Leak, Pulled



Possible iPhone 5S parts leaked this weekend, showing what may be the speaker enclosure for the next iPhone.

The photo comes from French site, who claims the photos show an iPhone 5S part and an iPhone 6 part. The site claims it found the photos online, from a source who believes the iPhone 5S release is on track for summer and the iPhone 6 launch could arrive by the end of the year.

Read: Too Soon to Wait for the iPhone 5S? pulled the leaked iPhone parts photos, citing a request from the source, but the images are shown below, thanks to MacRumors. has a good track record with iPhone leaks, but these parts likely come from an Asian supplier of unknown authenticity.

iPhone 5S parts

Alleged iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 parts.

The photo above shows an iPhone 5 speaker enclosure as well as the claimed iPhone 5S part and iPhone 6 part. The various parts show numerous differences, in size and shape, but tell us little about the upcoming iPhone. It’s possible that both of these parts are for the iPhone 5S, and Apple is testing designs, not preparing for the iPhone 6 this early.

The second photo shows the alleged iPhone 5S part and the iPhone 6 part side by side. This photo shows the iPhone 5S speaker enclosure is much thinner than the part marked iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 parts

Side view of alleged iPhone 5S part.

The alleged iPhone 5S part in this photo would not be visible to consumers, but would fit inside the case of the iPhone 5S. In December we saw a claimed iPhone 5S back panel, which shows several design changes, possibly to handle small changes to components like a speaker enclosure.

iPhone 5S back

Rumored back of the iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5.

The image above shows several design changes from the iPhone 5 back to the claimed iPhone 5S back, highlighted on the image. The biggest changes are in the red rectangle which shows changes to the logic board attachment area and fewer screws used to hold the LCD in place as shown by the blue lines.

Timing of leaked parts lines up with rumors of a summer iPhone 5S release, a date we’ve heard from multiple sources and analysts. Apple released the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 in the fall, but rumors are pointing to an earlier release in 2013.

iPhone 5S fingerprint reader

Possible locations for the iPhone 5S fingerprint reader from Validity.

The iPhone 5S is rumored to use a design similar to the iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display, though the display may be an upgrade. Rumors point to a better camera in the iPhone 5S with a smarter flash, better aperture and possibly a better sensor.

The iPhone 5S will likely use a faster Apple A7 processor and rumors suggest Apple will include a fingerprint reader to enhance security of the smartphone. Technology from Validity shows such a sensor could fit in the iPhone 5S home button or along the screen.

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