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iPhone 5S Photos Are as Real as Knockoff Chinese iPhones



Over the weekend alleged iPhone 5S photos leaked on a Chinese site, after being smuggled out of the Foxconn factory in China, but a close examination shows these leaked photos are as real as fake Chinese iPhones.

The photos appeared on, and were later picked up by The Times of India. The purported iPhone 5S photos look legit at a glance, showing an iPhone 5S with a size and design similar to the iPhone 5, matching up with a recent rumor. The photos appear to show an iPhone 5S in various stages of production, and the gallery shown in full on GizChina even includes a shot of workers in clean suits relaxing.

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Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 5S photos are not the real deal. The alleged iPhone 5S photos are of a knockoff iPhone 5 made in China. The fake iPhone may be the GooPhone 5 or one of the many other iPhone 5 lookalike devices, but it certainly isn’t the iPhone 5S.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, spotted by Expert Reviews, provides a detailed breakdown of what’s wrong, identifying at least four issues with the purported iPhone 5s photos. In the image below Hemmerstoffer highlights the lack of a lightning connector, the inclusion of an SD Card Slot and sub par iPhone parts including the vibrator and battery.

Alleged iPhone 5s photos

Alleged iPhone 5S photos aren’t legit.

The biggest clues are the lack of a the new Lightning port, which Apple switched over to with the iPhone 5 and is betting on for the foreseeable future. The presence of an SD card slot is also a dead giveaway, as Apple relies on built-in flash memory that users cannot upgrade.

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Rumors point to an iPhone 5S release this summer, possibly with a cheap iPhone alongside. Alternate rumors point to an iPhone 6 with a 5-inch display in 2013, though rumors of a larger iPhone are still light on details. The iPhone 5S could feature a 13MP camera and may feature new security measures like a hidden fingerprint reader.

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