iPhone 5S Pre-Orders Keep Consumers Awake and Cranky

Earlier this week, Apple announced both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, revealing September 20th release dates for both. Ahead of the release date, the company also announced an iPhone 5c pre-order, set to begin at midnight, though it failed to announce an iPhone 5s pre-order date. And unfortunately, it appears that some iPhone 5s buyers just got the message. And some are still waiting up.

On Tuesday, Apple announced the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, two devices that had been rumored for months. The devices will be arriving on September 20th at which point they will be pushing out the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4 and joining the iPhone 4S on shelves. At the event, Apple announced that it would begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5c and soon after, carriers confirmed that they too would begin taking iPhone 5c pre-orders starting at midnight PST on Friday, September 13th.

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Apple won't offer iPhone 5S pre-orders.

Apple won’t offer iPhone 5S pre-orders.

Curiously, Apple did not announce an iPhone 5S pre-order, leaving many consumers wondering if the company would offer one ahead of its September 20th release date. While it’s possible that Apple and its iPhone 5S carriers could pull a complete one eighty tonight, it’s looking like iPhone 5S pre-orders are off and it will be the iPhone 5C taking center stage at midnight.

Best Buy confirmed earlier today that it would not be taking pre-orders and it would be uncharacteristic to see Apple pull a fast one on its loyal customers ahead of the iPhone 5S release date.

Unfortunately, it appears that many consumers did not get the memo as there are plenty of frustrated prospective iPhone 5S buyers who are awake, cranky and annoyed that Apple isn’t offering a pre-order for its new flagship.

Here is just a small sampling of iPhone 5S buyers who are just now realizing that the iPhone 5C is the only iPhone that is up for pre-order at midnight:

And some iPhone 5s buyers are in for a rude awakening tonight when they find out that it’s the iPhone 5C that’s up for order and not the iPhone 5S.

This is the first year in quite some time that Apple hasn’t offered a pre-order for the premium iPhone model and the company still hasn’t an offered an explanation for why it decided to offer just the iPhone 5c ahead of time.

The iPhone 5c features a colorful plastic shell.

The iPhone 5c features a colorful plastic shell.

The iPhone 5S will go on sale on September 20th at which point retailers will be able to buy the device through Apple Stores, carrier locations and through retailers like Best Buy, RadioShack and Walmart. Apple’s iPhone 5C will also go on sale the same day.

Apple’s iPhone 5S should hit Apple’s online store, and the online stores of retailers and carriers, starting at midnight on September 20th though that remains unconfirmed.

Those who are interested in pre-ordering an iPhone 5S can try and head into RadioShack as some stores have begun taking names, instead of pre-orders ahead of the iPhone 5S release.