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iPhone 5S Production Reportedly Begins Ahead of Summer Release



Apple’s iPhone 5S, which has been pegged with a summer release date, has reportedly entered production at Foxconn ahead of its rumored arrival sometime later this year.

While the iPhone 5 is still on shelves and selling strongly, there is already talk of a predecessor coming to shelves as soon as this summer to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. Thus far, rumors have pointed to an earlier release than in year’s past, with analysts and rumors suggesting that it could launch as soon as this summer. The past two iPhones have emerged in the fall.

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The iPhone 5S could be out as early as July.

The iPhone 5S could be out as early as July.

Backing up rumors of a July or August iPhone 5S release date is a report from Japanese site Macotakara which claims that production of Apple’s new iPhone 5S may have already begun at factories in China. Foxconn, which builds Apple’s iPhone, has reportedly started production of the device ahead of its supposed summer arrival.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek in a previous note suggested that production of the iPhone 5S would begin in March and it appears that that may have been accurate.

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The iPhone 5S is said to feature a familiar design.

The iPhone 5S is said to feature a familiar design.

Apple’s iPhone 5S is said to need very little retooling, as far as production is concerned, due to its design. Rumors have suggested that the iPhone 5S will keep the same form factor as the iPhone 5 which would mean a 7.6mm and 112 gram design with a build constructed out of aluminum, metal and glass.

Other features are said to include an improved rear camera with dual LED flash, iOS 7, and a fingerprint reader for added security. The fingerprint reader could be the ‘S’ in the name, iPhone 5S.

Should Apple’s iPhone 5S indeed launch this summer, it would mark the first time that that has happened in several years and it would position the iPhone much better against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4, whose predecessor, the Galaxy S3, kept pace with Apple’s iPhone.

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