iPhone 5S Release Date Rumored for August with Dual LED Flash
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iPhone 5S Release Date Rumored for August with Dual LED Flash



The iPhone 5S release date rumors continue to hint at a summer or late summer release, and new details suggest the iPhone 5S will feature a dual-LED flash to go along with an upgraded camera.

We believe the iPhone 5S, not the iPhone 6, will be the next iPhone from Apple, with a host of small upgrades from the iPhone 5.

The new iPhone 5S release date rumor comes from Chines tech website EMSOne, by way of AppleInsider. The publication states Barclays Capital analysts claim that iPhone 5S orders are already placed with Foxconn and could be ready for a release in August.

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According to the publication the iPhone 5S will be a world phone with the ability to handle multiple LTE frequencies in one model, including those needed on China Mobile, which is not compatible with the LTE frequencies supported by the iPhone 5.

This compatibility is likely coming to fruition with the latest Qualcomm 4G LTE radio which packs support for all international 4G LTE frequencies into a single chip. This would allow Apple to manufacture one iPhone 5S model that could work on most major carriers. Qualcomm plans to ship this new chip in the second half of 2013, which would line up with a summer iPhone 5S release.

Earlier this week a separate iPhone 5S rumor suggested that Apple is planning to incorporate a dual-LED flash with the camera of the iPhone 5S. The report states that Apple is planning to stack the LED flashes on top of each other instead of placing them side by side. In 2012 rumors suggested the iPhone 5 would feature a dual-LED flash, which did not happen. Perhaps Apple was already in the planning stages of the iPhone 5S when that rumor leaked.

Apple could stack a dual-LED flash with a slightly larger flash next to on the back of the iPhone 5S.

Apple could stack a dual-LED flash with a slightly larger flash next to on the back of the iPhone 5S.

A dual-LED flash shines twice as bright as a single LED flash, but it does not travel twice as far. A dual-LED flash on the iPhone 5S would still help the iPhone 5S take better low light pictures, though there would be a threat of washed out images. Low light camera performance on smartphones is generally poor, but manufacturers are looking for ways to fix low light performance.

The HTC One, which will compete with the iPhone 5S on several carriers promises to let in 300% more light than the average smartphone competitor, such as the iPhone 5. By letting in more light the HTC one can create better looking low light images. Apple typically delivers an upgraded camera in each iPhone, and with the iPhone 5S we could see the same sensor as the Sony Xperia Z paired with a dual-LED flash to up the iPhone camera performance.

EMSOne also reports the cheaper iPhone will arrive in August alongside the iPhone 5S. This rumor suggests the cheaper iPhone will support LTE frequencies in China, and is not destined for the U.S. A report Thursday claimed Apple is planning a cheaper iPhone with a larger screen for 2014, rather than launching a cheaper iPhone in 2013.

The iPhone 5S release date rumors bounce between summer and fall of 2013. While Apple has moved to the fall for the last two launches, some believe the company will shift back to WWDC in June to bring the iPhone 5S to market closer to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Rumors suggest the iPhone 5S will feature a design much like the current iPhone 5, but there are some rumors that Apple will offer the iPhone 5S with color options similar to the iPod touch. We may see Apple include a fingerprint reader in the iPhone 5S, according to a rumor that surfaced in September 2012 and multiple times since. This would make sense given Apple’s purchase of AuthenTec, which specializes in biometric security and has worked on fingerprint readers in smartphones.

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