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iPhone 5S Release Date: Don’t Count on September 20



The iPhone 5S release date could take place on September 20th according to the latest Apple reasoning and reports.

While an iPhone 5S launch in September is almost certain based on multiple reports, the iPhone 5S release is not nearly as certain and the logic behind picking September 20th as the iPhone 5S release date conveniently dismisses other data about Apple’s beta program.

Apple announced the iOS 7 beta on June 10th, which started a countdown not only to the iOS 7 release date, but also to the iPhone 5S release date which will almost certainly come two days after the official iOS 7 release. The big variable here is how long Apple will keep iOS 7 in beta.

The iPhone 5S release date is tied to the iOS 7 release, but neither is set in stone.

The iPhone 5S release date is tied to the iOS 7 release, but neither is set in stone.

Dave Smith of the International Business Times claims to have unlocked the secret behind the iPhone 5S release date, pointing to the 100 day iOS 6 beta period. Dave Smith writes,

We don’t think Tim Cook wants to mess with the successful Apple formula left behind by Steve Jobs, so we believe Apple will again follow this iOS release timetable by launching iOS 7 exactly 100 days after its introduction, on Sept. 18.

An iPhone 5S release date on September 20 based on this reasoning completely ignores the rest of the “successful Apple formula left behind by Steve Jobs,” which is more about shipping products when they are ready for the public rather than on an arbitrary timeline of software testing. This also overlooks the fact that Steve Jobs was not a part of the iOS 6 release timing.

Users need only look at iOS version release date history chart from Will Hains below to see that Apple does not always release a major iOS release after 100 days.

The length of iOS betas varies greatly, making it a very rough indicator of iPhone releases.

The length of iOS betas varies greatly, making it a very rough indicator of iPhone releases.

The longest iOS beta is iOS 5, which is arguable the largest change to the iPhone software in recent years, which came with the iPhone 4S. The average length of major iOS beta releases is 97.8 days, which is close to 100, but that means there are shorter and longer releases, detailed below.

  • iOS 2 – 94 days in beta
  • iOS 3 – 92 days in beta
  • iOS 4 – 74 days in beta
  • iOS 5 – 128 days in beta
  • iOS 6 – 100 days in beta

With variances in the length of the iOS beta periods, it’s possible to use them as a marker of a possible iPhone 5S release date, but not as the final word on an iPhone 5S release.

The International Business Time’s reasoning also skips over the lack of an iPad iOS 7 beta for the first 14 days of the beta period, which could impact the time needed to finish testing the iPad version of the software. While Apple is not expected to announce the iPad 5 and the iPhone 5S at the same event, Apple’s last two major iOS releases arrived for the iPad and iPhone on the same day.

iPhone 5S Release Date

The iPhone 5S release date is still unknown but many sources are pointing to an iPhone 5S launch in September which means Apple would offer the iPhone 5S release roughly two weeks later, based on past activity.

If the iPhone 5S special event takes place by September 10th, it is likely that we could see an iPhone 5S release date in September, but if Apple holds an event any later, it could push the release to early October.

Apple used October as the launch date for the iPhone 4S, and moved the iPhone 5 launch up to September. Previously the iPhone launched earlier in the year, so outside of general timing there is not enough data to point to a specific iPhone 5S release date yet.

If the iPhone 5S release date is on September 20th, it will be because the iOS 7 release is ready, not because the last iOS beta lasted 100 days.

Apple may also launch a cheaper iPhone aimed at emerging and global markets later this year, but it is unlikely that the company will use the iPhone 6 name for a non-flagship iPhone.

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1 Comment

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    07/01/2013 at 8:08 am

    IOS 7 looks like a bunch of smurfs put through a blender.

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