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iPhone 5S Release Rumored for Q3 to Battle HTC One & Galaxy S4



The iPhone 5S release date is once again pegged for June, July or August as part of a new rumor that also points to an upgraded camera and a faster processor.

Apple is rumored to be working on a new iPhone, called the iPhone 5S for a release in 2013, and recent rumors continue to point to a release that could take place faster than the last tow iPhone release cycles.

Today a new rumor comes by way of DigiTimes, a sometimes reliable source for Apple and iPhone news. The publication cites supply chain sources who fill in some blanks about the iPhone 5S design, features and release timing based on their observations, likely from component suppliers and supply chain checks.

iPhone 5S Release Date in Q3

The iPhone 5S release is likely due for Q3 2013.

The iPhone 5S release is likely due for Q3 2013.

According to the latest iPhone 5S release date rumor, iPhone 5S components, like a camera, possibly a fingerprint reader equipped home button and other parts will arrive at Apple factories in late May 2013. According to the source, if these supply chain deliveries go smoothly Apple could deliver the iPhone 5S to retail channels in 1-2 weeks. This would set Apple up for an iPhone 5S launch event as early as June.

The source points to an iPhone 5S release in the third quarter, which means we could see the iPhone 5S in stores as soon as July. Previous iPhone 5S release date rumors point to June, July and August. With so much focus on this small section of the year, Apple is likely planning a swifter iPhone 5S release date. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 launched in October and September respectively. At least one rumor claims the iPad 5 release is timed up with the iPhone 5S for this summer.

The DigiTimes article claims Apple will ship 25-30 million iPhone 5S in the first quarter. Samsung reportedly expects to ship 10 million Galaxy S4 devices per month which could put the two phones head to head this summer. HTC One sales estimates are reportedly toned down based on delays due to supply chain issues.

The third quarter iPhone 5S release date lines up with earlier rumors from more reliable sources, such as KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPhone 5S Features and Specs

The sources also claim that recent specifications point to a minor upgrade of the iPhone 5, something we’ve heard multiple times. The iPhone 5S will likely feature the same design as the iPhone 5, but with a few new features. A Morgan Stanley analyst believes the iPhone 5S is coming with a killer feature, one that will likely be software bases.

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Today’s rumor claims the iPhone 5S will feature an improved camera. The iPhone 5’s 8MP camera could use an improvement in low light environments. The source claims we will see a higher megapixel camera. Earlier rumors pointed to a 13MP sensor like the one in the Sony Xperia Z.

Expect an iPhone 5S with a similar design and a upgraded camera and processor, according to rumors.

Expect an iPhone 5S with a similar design and a upgraded camera and processor, according to rumors.

The iPhone 5S will reportedly feature a “higher-end processor”, which is likely the Apple A7 processor. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims the iPhone 5S will feature an Apple A7 processor. Rumors point to Apple shifting Apple A7 processor production away from Samsung, possibly to Intel and large orders to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company by early 2014.

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The source does not comment on the rumored iPhone 5S home button with an integrated fingerprint reader, but this is likely one of the new hardware features users can expect.

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