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iPhone 5S Rumors: Two 4-Inch iPhones for 2013



Rumors have been swirling around about Apple’s iPhone plans for 2013 with whispers suggesting everything from a high-end iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S alongside a cheaper iPhone to a larger 4.8-inch iPhone dubbed iPhone Math. Today, a new report has chimed in saying that Apple may be planning to introduce two iPhones, an iPhone 5S and a lower cost iPhone that sports a similar 4-inch display.

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In the past few weeks, we’ve heard numerous tales about Apple’s supposed iPhone plans for 2013. Just yesterday, a rumored popped up regarding a larger 4.8-inch iPhone called the ‘iPhone Math’ that might be heading to shelves in 2013. A new report though has chimed in dismissing that rumor, at least for 2013. It also claims that Apple will indeed be launching two iPhones this year as many rumors have suggested.


A new rumor suggests Apple will release two 4-inch iPhones in 2013.

According to hit-or-miss technology publication Digitimes, Apple is gearing up to launch two 4-inch iPhone models, one the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, and the other a cheaper iPhone that will be offered at the mid-range price point. The publication says that Apple is struggling to get the parts ready for the cheaper iPhone because of production issues in 2012 and that seems to suggest that a cheaper iPhone may not arrive in 2012.

We’ve heard that that cheaper iPhone could come with a plastic design instead of a design like the iPhone 5’s and be offered in several colors. No price point has been suggested as of yet.

The report also dispels rumors of a 4.8-inch iPhone Math for 2012 saying that Apple is developing such a big-screened smartphone, but that the phone won’t arrive during Apple’s announcements this year.

Digitimes, which sources from the supply chain, is often wrong. However, it has also many times been accurate in regards to its rumors.

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The iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, a device that will follow the iPhone 5, is expected to feature a similar design to the iPhone 5, though like every next-gen iPhone, it’s likely to have some upgrades. Those are said to potentially be a new Sharp IGZO display, the same we saw at CES 2013, an upgraded rear camera, and a faster processor.

If Apple does use Sharp’s IGZO technology, we could see a dramatic increase in battery life on the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 as well.

Apple is said to potentially be launching the new iPhone models at some point this summer instead of in the fall. If the company does choose to launch during the summer, WWDC, which takes place in June, could be the place where the next-generation hardware debuts.

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