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iPhone 5s In Store Pickup Option Could Arrive Monday



The option to reserve an iPhone 5s online for in store pickup at an Apple Store could arrive on Monday, after the first weekend of iPhone 5s sales drains supply at carriers, Apple Stores and retailers.

Apple started selling the iPhone 5s on Friday after not taking any iPhone 5s pre-orders, a deviation from previous iPhone launches. This move led to very long lines at Apple Stores and carriers and some confusion as a handful of customers made reservations at wireless carriers to pick up an iPhone 5s or to order one at any point in the day with two-day delivery.

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Reports indicate buyers may be able to order online for an in-store iPhone 5s pickup starting this week.

Reports indicate buyers may be able to order online for an in-store iPhone 5s pickup starting this week.

Over the weekend the iPhone 5s orders at the online Apple Store slipped to October for all colors including the elusive gold iPhone 5s. Estimates for the space gray and silver iPhone 5s ship from Verizon by mid-October while the gold iPhone 5s is slated for arrival in November.

A new report from Kevin C. Tofel at GigaOm states that Apple will start taking online orders for in-store pickup on Monday, according to an Employee at his local Apple Store.

Look for an iPhone 5s personal pickup option this week.

Look for an iPhone 5s personal pickup option this week.

Apple routinely offers a Personal Pickup option for online orders, but did not yet offer an option for the iPhone 5s.

Assuming Apple takes a page from last year’s playbook, the iPhone 5s in store reservation option should show up by Tuesday, four days after the iPhone 5s went on sale.

Even though iPhone 5s shoppers might not be able to pick up an iPhone 5s in store on Monday, Apple could start taking iPhone 5s reservations Monday night for Tuesday pickup.

If it works out like last year, look for an option to reserve the iPhone 5s between 10 PM and 4 AM local time, starting this week.

Apple Stores will likely receive new iPhone 5s shipments this week, which will likely sell out incredibly fast. With this option, buyers should be able to hold an iPhone 5s in the size, color and carrier option they require. With online orders pushed back into October, this could be the fastest way to get an iPhone 5s in your hand.

If the option appears, expect a five step process to reserve the iPhone 5s for in store pickup at a local Apple Store.

  1. Go to the iPhone 5s page and click Reserve.
  2. Pick the location you want to reserve the iPhone 5s at.
  3. Select the iPhone 5s color, capacity and carrier and sign in with your Apple ID.
  4. Confirm your selection and complete the reservation.
  5. Drive to the local Apple Store and pickup your new iPhone 5s.

This is a better option that calling local Apple Stores and driving around town, but keep in mind that the stock will vary by location and can only be made after the store has closed.

We’ll keep you updated if the iPhone 5s in store pickup option does arrive this week.



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