Top 5 iPhone 6 Alternatives [January, 2015]
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Top 5 iPhone 6 Alternatives [January, 2015]



The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones available and a device that we highly recommend. There are, however, some devices that we think you absolutely must weigh against the iPhone 6 if you’re thinking about buying this month. Here, we take a look at what we think are the top five iPhone 6 alternatives for the month of January, 2015.

After two years at the 4-inch mark, Apple finally made a significant jump up in size with last year’s iPhone 6 release. The company’s two brand new iPhones are much bigger than their predecessors though they both offer much more than just big sharp displays. Their features, which include improved cameras and processors, have helped the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus become top notch options.

Apple’s iPhone 6, the smaller of the two, features a 4.7-inch Retina HD display to go along with its A8 processor, 8MP camera, gorgeous aluminum design, excellent battery life, three storage options, iOS 8, and more. It’s a device that you should be looking at if you’re in the hunt for a brand new, high-end smartphone. It’s a device that we love and recommend.

That said, there are some devices that you absolutely must take a look at before buying the iPhone 6. While everyone has their own opinion, there are five in particular that we think are worth your time.

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We are constantly bombarded with questions about iPhone 6 alternatives to look at. There are a number of different devices that we could recommend as the smartphone market is full of solid big screen choices but we want to narrow things down a bit and take a look at what we consider the top five iPhone 6 competitors available right now.

These devices represent the devices that we’d recommend to friends and family. And while our list may differ from yours, these are the devices that Gotta Be Mobile editors have selected for recognition this month. We feel like the devices listed here deliver the best, all-around package for this month and this month alone.

With that in mind, here are the five iPhone 6 alternatives for January, 2015.

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

If you're looking at the smaller iPhone 6 then you've probably ruled out a lot of the bigger devices on the market. Devices like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You want a powerful device without the massive form factor. Smaller devices are going to be the focus here. If you want to go bigger, take a look at the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4.

The first iPhone 6 alternative that we recommend is none other than the iPhone 5s, Apple's flagship smartphone from 2013. The iPhone 5s may not have all of the bells and whistles that the iPhone 6 has but it comes with some very likeable features including Apple's latest iOS update, iOS 8. It also comes with an affordable price tag, $99 for 16GB or $150 for 32GB.

While the iPhone 5s has taken a step back from the spotlight since the arrival of the iPhone 6, it's still a very solid phone and it allows you to remain in Apple's ecosystem for a fraction of the cost. If you are enamored with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 5s is the next best thing. Remember, iOS 8 was its first iOS update and iPhones typically get three. It will be around for awhile.


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