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iPhone 6 & Bigger iPad Rumors Point to Apple’s 2014 Plans



A new set of Apple rumors claim to share insider information about the iPhone 6 screen size, a larger 12 to 13-inch iPad and broader plans by Apple to adopt new display technology in new products.

In the new ETnews report from Korea, Moon Bo-gyeong writes that Apple is planning to deliver new display technology in products across the iPhone, iPad and MacBook lines, according to an industry source.

Most of the Apple rumors start from industry sources who are usually analysts or insiders in Apple’s supply chain, working at companies who make parts for the iPhone or iPad, and thus have access to at least parts of Apple’s plans before the official announcements.

Like any of these rumors this collection of details about Apple’s purported plans is that the source may only have a small view of what is happening and as Apple tests and experiments with new features or technology, but they can still deliver an inside look at Apples plans, especially when leaks and rumors from multiple sources line up, which is the case with some of the information shared by ETnews.

Rumors point to an iPhone 6 with a larger display in 2014.

Rumors point to an iPhone 6 with a larger display in 2014.

This latest rumor talks about the screen size of the next iPhone which many believe will carry the iPhone 6 name. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is not sold on current screen technology for larger, higher resolution displays, but reports indicate Apple is experimenting with screens between 4.8 and 6 inches in size for the iPhone 6.

It is very early to know a specific size for the iPhone 6 display, but this source claims Apple settled on a 5-inch display. This would bring the display of the iPhone 6 on par with the Galaxy S4, HTC One and other Android devices, and lines up with the testing rumor that said Apple favors a 4.8-inch screen. Multiple reports from analysts point to an iPhone 6 with a larger screen.

We could see an iPad with a 12 to 13-inch display in 2014.

We could see an iPad with a 12 to 13-inch display in 2014.

A larger iPad is also in the works according to this inside information. We could see an iPad with a 12-13-inch display arrive as early as 2014 aimed at the education and business sector. This is not the first rumor of a larger iPad in Apple’s future and the company updated the iPad 4 with additional storage earlier this year to accommodate business users who need more storage. ETnews was the source for a May report that an iPad with a 13-inch display was in the works.

A larger screen could also make sense in a college or high school setting, where it could provide more information from textbooks on the display at once.


The report also discusses the possibility of Apple switching to a new display technology which is harder to draw conclusions on. As we look into Apple’s plans for 2014, and the “Amazing new products,” Tim Cook promised back in July it’s possible that some of these rumors will come to life at a special Apple event.

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