Waterproof iPhone 6 Concept Sports HD Display, Notification LEDs

A new iPhone 6 concept video is here with collection of impressive new specs and possible iPhone 6 features.

While we don’t expect an iPhone 6 until next year, this concept ties together some of the latest iPhone 6 rumors into a two-minute video overview.

While this iPhone 6 concept is not entirely in the style of an Apple product, it does include a number of cool features that many users  will appreciate.

This iPhone 6 concept includes a Full HD display, a new look, water and dust resistant coatings, a notification LED, improved camera, wireless charging and a touch sensitive volume button.

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This concept comes from Ran Avni and Uygar Kaya. Avni shared a previous iPhone 6 concept with a big display and no home button.

1080P iPhone 6 Display

We’ve heard about a Retina+ display for the iPhone 6 from at least one analyst source. Peter Misek of Jefferies claims the iPhone 6 could feature a Sharp IGZO display with a higher resolution.

Recently Tim Cook dismissed higher resolution displays, but left the door open for a Retina+ HD display once Apple is able to source a screen that they feel does not make compromises.

The iPhone 6 concept shown appears to maintain a 4-inch display, though Misek claims suggest Apple is working on a 4.8-inch iPhone 6 display, or at least was investigating it with a prototype.

Slimmer iPhone 6

In the video we get a look at an iPhone 6 concept that is not very much like the iPhone 5 or earlier iPhone models. While we do expect Apple will roll out a new design in the iPhone 6, the way the black part of the bezel remains raised over the metal iPhone 6 body doesn’t look very much like something we would see come out of the labs at Apple.

This iPhone 6 concept features a new look, but it's not exactly something we see Jony Ive pushing out the door.

This iPhone 6 concept features a new look, but it’s not exactly something we see Jony Ive pushing out the door.

That said, these features could fit into an iPhone 6, and the device will likely go slimmer than the iPhone 5.

Water and Dust Resistant iPhone 6

While there are no rumors of a more rugged iPhone 6, these features are slowly making their way to flagship devices. The Sony Xperia Z is water and dust resistant and a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will soon arrive with these features.

When Gotta Be Mobile talked to Case-Mate, a well-known case maker, at CES 2013 the company told us that they are focusing on designs that add style to phones because they are confident phone makers will work out issues with water and power in the near future.

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Apple may not produce a rugged iPhone 6 that can handle a day on a construction site, but it wouldn’t be out of line to expect an iPhone 6 that could handle a drop into a sink or puddle.

Notification LED

This iPhone 6 concept addresses one of the biggest complaints from users who switched from Android to iPhone by adding two notification LEDs.

This implementation puts the notification LEDs on the bottom of the phone so they glow out to the sides of the iPhone. Ideally this would offer a less obtrusive flash, but it would also mean there is no way to st the phone so that LEDs are not visible.

This iPhone 6 concept adds a glowing notification LED to each side of the iPhone.

This iPhone 6 concept adds a glowing notification LED to each side of the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S allow users to turn the camera flash into a Notification LED but it is too bright for daily use and it does not stay lit up like most Android smartphones do.

Wireless Charging

We’ve heard that Apple could include wireless charging in the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, and it makes more sense for this feature to come with a complete redesign, and not just an internal one.

Like many concept features there are no details about how it would work, but the smart money is on a Qi compatible charger inside the iPhone 6. We are seeing Qi wireless charging tech making its way into cars and into public spaces.

Other iPhone 6 Concept Features

This iPhone 6 concept features front-facing speakers, like the HTC One, which would improve the use of the iPhone to play games and watch movies.

The designers also tuck in a 13MP rear-facing camera which would likely improve the photos taken on the iPhone, though there is no mention of new software to add features to the iPhone 6.

We also get a look at a touch sensitive volume rocker, which would do away with buttons in favor of a gesture of touch on the side of the iPhone 6. This is similar to an Apple patent for a two-screen iPhone, and something that would take a lot of getting used to.