iPhone 6 Concepts Bring Big Screen Rumors to Life

The iPhone 6 is still far off and for the time being most of the credible rumors talk of an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen, between 4.8 and six inches, which is what a new collection of concepts show off, alongside conceptualized designs.

iPhone 6 rumors suggest Apple is working with multiple screen sizes to better compete with the Galaxy S4, upcoming Galaxy S5, Moto X and Nexus 5, all which use larger screens. While the iPhone is more than just a screen, some users are slowly switching away from Apple towards phones with larger displays.

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Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO talked down larger screens due to tradeoffs in quality in various public statements, but many analysts agree it is only a matter of time before Apple introduces an iPhone with a larger screen. A new collection of iPhone 6 concepts visualize what this new iPhone may look like. Odds are good that Apple is working on a brand new design to accommodate a bigger screen without a dramatically larger size of the phone.

iPhone 6 Air Concept Videos

Since Apple introduced the thinner and lighter iPad Air many iPhone 6 concepts carry the iPhone Air name, and this one from SET solutions is another example. Below the video shows what the first iPhone 6 TV ad might look like if Apple offers a large screen iPhone that is incredibly thin and light.

The longer iPhone 6 concept video from SET Solutions appeared in early december showing off an iPhone 6 that is between 1.5mm and 3mm and weighs just 70 grams with a 5-inch Retina Display. Overall this iPhone 6 concept is rooted more in looks than in practical applications as it would represent a major drop in size and battery capacity, but it is still pretty to look at.

iPhone 6 Concept with 5-inch Display

Fabrizio Bianchi delivers another look at an iPhone 6 with a larger 5-inch display by way of concept-phones, using an edge to edge display with very thin upper and lower bezels, a new home button design and relocation of power and volume buttons to keep the iPhone 6 size close to that of the iPhone 5 despite a screen that is an inch larger.

This iPhone 6 concept is not much larger than the iPhone 5.

This iPhone 6 concept is not much larger than the iPhone 5.

In the image above we see a larger iPhone 6 next to an iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display. If Apple is planning an iPhone 6 with a larger screen it would not be a surprise to see it arrive without a dramatic increase in the overall size and to hear Apple make a big deal about this.

The image below shows a new touch sensitive iPhone 6 home button and a touch area for gesture controls including power, volume and other home button controls.

A new home button allows for a smaller bezel and offers touch controls.

A new home button allows for a smaller bezel and offers touch controls.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an iPhone 6 concept appear without a home button, and reportedly Apple was testing an iPhone 6 prototype with no home button as early as December 2012.

While these iPhone 6 concepts don’t show us what the iPhone 6 will actually look like they do offer an example of what a larger iPhone could look like. Rumors point to a 2014 iPhone 6 release with some analysts suggesting it may come early in the year while others suggest a release closer to the typical fall release cycle.