iPhone 6 Features We Want from Apple

The iPhone 5s is just a few months old, but seeing as how we’re already into 2014 and a new iPhone will more than likely be released later this year at some point, it’s not too early to talk about the next generation, currently referred to as simply the iPhone 6 for now, although rumors have pointed to the “iPhone Air” as a possible name for the device.

We’ve already talked plenty about iPhone 6 rumors and what we can most likely expect out of the new device, but we’ve never really discussed what we’d like to see featured on the next iPhone, rumor or not — sort of like a wish list that we could give to Apple if we had the chance.

iPhone 6

There are a lot of rumors flying around about the iPhone 6, many of them are fairly realistic, but there are also a lot of rumors that are pretty ridiculous. With that said, we thought we’d come up with our ideal iPhone 6 and put together a next-gen device that we would want to see later this year.

Slightly Larger Display

There’s a reason that Apple hasn’t slapped a 5-inch display onto the iPhone: the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s’s 4-inch display allows for a fairly small device that’s easy to hold and easy to store in a pocket while on the go. The Nexus 5 is great and all, but it’s way too big for one-handed operation.


However, Apple can go a bit bigger without compromising size. The iPhone 5s has surprisingly thick bezels, but if the company slimmed those down and made the iPhone just a tad larger, it could easily fit in a 4.2-inch display — maybe a 4.5-inch.

Furthermore, if they upped the resolution to a proper 1280×720, the device would still be at least the same 326 PPI that the iPhone has always been since the iPhone 4. In other words, a 4.2-inch display is completely feasible.


We want to see NFC in the next iPhone, but after Apple revealed iBeacon, we’re not so sure if that’s going to happen. iBeacon might be Apple’s NFC replacement, which can do many of the things that NFC can, but with a much wider communication range that’s similar to a local WiFi network.


Granted, iBeacon will still be useful, and iOS users will still get close to the same benefits in a way, but cross-platform support is out of the question, so sending something via NFC to an iPhone from an Android device might never be possible. Then again, that’s something that isn’t new.

Wireless Charging

While I personally don’t think that Apple will implement wireless charging into the iPhone 6, I’d still love to see it as a feature. It’s a simple enough technology that Apple could easily explain it to the everyday consumer, and Apple is all about simplicity and convenience, so users wouldn’t need to worry about wall chargers or USB cables if they needed to boost their iPhone juice.


As far as how they could implement the technology is an entirely different question. Users might have to buy a separate Apple accessory in order to take advantage of wireless charging, or the company could start making new docks that have wireless charging capabilities inside. Whatever the case, we think wireless charging would be a big hit amongst iPhone users.

Thinner Device

The iPhone constantly gets thinner and thinner. The iPhone 4 is thinner than the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 5 is thinner than the iPhone 4, so we’re expecting the iPhone 6 to be even thinner this time around.


Of course, you can only get devices so thin before it’s impossible to make it any thinner, but we think Apple can get the iPhone even slimmer than the iPhone 5/5s, especially since there are thinner devices out on the market right now.

Vastly Improved Camera

The camera is one of the main features on the iPhone, and Apple improves it with every new generation. While it’s rumored that the megapixel count will stay the same, the iPhone 6 will most likely get an improved sensor that will be able to capture even better photos than the iPhone 5s. We’ll hopefully see better low-light capabilities, as well as better contrast, saturation, brightness, etc.

iPhone 5s Review - 2014 Camera

A8 Processor

This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s still worth mentioning just to cover all the bases. The iPhone 6 will no doubt come with a much faster processor for improved performance and better gaming while on the go. Whether or not the new processor will be called the “A8” is unknown (it could be called the A7X for all we know), but it’s all but confirmed that we’ll see better performance out of the iPhone 6 than with the iPhone 5s.