iPhone 6, iOS 8's Biggest Accessory Rumored for Fall Release
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iPhone 6, iOS 8’s Biggest Accessory Rumored for Fall Release



Apple plans to deliver a health tracking feature in iOS 8, which will likely arrive with an iPhone 6 release this fall according to the latest rumors. In order to connect the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 with your health information the company is reportedly working on a smartwatch style wearable that many call the iWatch.

The latest iWatch rumors suggest Apple is readying the iPhone accessory for a Q3 release, which is in line with the iPhone 6 release date rumors and iOS 8 release window that typically follows a June reveal at WWDC 2014.

Apple’s iWatch is rumored as a wearable iPhone companion that will feature a small display to show iOS notifications and act as a sensor laden band to monitor health information like heart rate and potentially many other health factors.

iWatch rumors point to a fall release, aligned with an iOS 8 and iPhone 6 release.

iWatch rumors point to a fall release, aligned with iOS 8 and iPhone 6 release rumors. (Concept – FuseChicken)

In the latest report from the Economic Daily Times, Apple plans to ship the iWatch in Q3 which runs from July through the end of September. This lines up with many recent iPhone 6 release date rumors which point to September, and occasionally August.

This iWatch rumor report points to production by Quanta, and suggests Apple will need to rely on Samsung for some components of an iWatch. The report also claims suppliers need to deliver products to Apple in August, which suggests the announcement could be timed with an iPhone 6 reveal, but the release may arrive with a short supply or may come after the iPhone 6.

Apple plans to sell 65 million iWatch devices in 2014 according to Economic Daily Times sources. Apple sold 51 million iPhone units in the holiday quarter of 2013, which suggests Apple has higher hopes for an iPhone 6 release or believes pent up demand from iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s owners will account for significant sales.

We expect to see iOS 8 on stage at WWDC 2014 in June, where Apple will show of new features and likely offer the first iOS 8 beta to users. One of the biggest potential features is a new app called Healthbook which could play a role in tracking pulse, hydration, blood pressure and more including the potential to track blood sugar levels. The Healthbook report from 9to5Mac points to an iWatch as a potential part of this data collection, along with an iPhone sensor and third-party accessories.

It is possible that Apple will show off iOS 8 on June 2nd, but will not show everything that it can do. We may not see a Healthbook app included in early betas if there is a chance it will tip the hand for an iWatch or Apple wearable.

iWatch rumors peaked in February 2013 when the Wall Street Journal reported on a watch in the works at Apple. Rumors continued through most of 2013 with speculation on Apple patents, meetings with the FDA and key hires in health and fitness. There is nothing to show what the iWatch in Apple labs looks like, but the video below shows an iPhone 6 concept that incorporates parts of iOS 8.

Apple is going up against the Samsung Gear Fit which arrives in stores this week with a curved screen, four days of battery life and a pulse tracker as well as other sensors. From a smartwatch standpoint Apple will also go head-to-head with the Pebble and Pebble Steel which work well with the iPhone. Google also recently announced Android Wear which companies like Motorola are using to work on a circular smartwatch called the Moto 360.

The iPhone 6 reportedly features a larger screen that will help Apple convince Android users to switch to the iPhone. Multiple reports suggest Apple is working on two models of the iPhone 6 and the release is likely timed for September alongside iOS 8.

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