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iPhone 6 With Larger Screen Unlikely for 2013



Apple will not launch an iPhone 6 with a larger screen in 2013 according to a second analyst, who also claims a budget iPhone is unclear for unclear for this year.

Under Tim Cook’s leadership Apple’s release patterns are less predictable, which led to initial speculation of an iPhone 5S in mid-2013 and a larger iPhone 6 release late in the year.

In a report out today, Glen Yeung of Citigroup Capital Markets puts a damper on hope of an iPhone 6 in 2013. Yeung is not the first analyst to proclaim that Apple will not release the iPhone 6 in 2013, but he does clarify that Citi’s vision of the iPhone 6 includes a larger display. Cnet shares the note which focuses on the last quarter of 2013.

We do NOT expect iPhone 6 (large screen) and remain unclear on low-end iPhone

Last week Peter Misek of Jeffries also claimed that the iPhone 6 would not arrive in 2013. After a trip to Asia, Misek told investors Jeffries has,

increased confidence that the iPhone 6 will not launch until CY14.

To consumers, who are searching for the iPhone 6 with greater frequency than the iPhone 5, this may appear as bad news, but to industry insiders Misek and Yeung are simply stating the obvious.

Apple is not held to a specific release cycle, something the company proved in 2012 and during the first few months of 2013, but other than new carrier launches Apple has yet to announce tow iPhone models in the same year. Apple launched the iPad 3 and iPad 4 in 2012, separated by only seven months, which may explain some speculation that Apple could release two iPhones in 2013, but unlike the iPad, iPhone users are tied into contracts which would make a second iPhone launch within several months problematic.

A move to multiple smartphones in the same year could cause problems for Apple much as it did for Android manufacturers in 2011, when a new Android smartphone arrived with the latest and greatest features every other month. This led to disgruntled shoppers and trained consumers to wait for the next big thing. Eventually Motorola promised to launch fewer smartphones, a move that appears to have helped the company which is now rumored to be working on the Motorola X Phone, rather than 5 Droid variants.

Despite calls to skip the iPhone 5S name and call the next iPhone the iPhone 6, it is very likely users will need to wait until 2014 for an iPhone 6 with a larger display and a new design. This hasn’t stopped the community from delivering a collection of amazing iPhone 6 concepts including several with larger displays.

Other iPhone 6 rumors include wireless charging and a fingerprint reader, which Misek believes will skip the iPhone 5S.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jeff S.

    04/23/2013 at 2:11 pm

    Unless Apples gets a at least a 5 inch (preferrably a 5.5 inch display). I may not be able to hold out longer. I don’t want a Samsung Note…But, middle age folks will be forced to move.

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