iPhone 6 Launch Date: What Not to Expect
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iPhone 6 Launch Date: What Not to Expect



The iPhone 6 launch date is all but confirmed for September 9th which means that we’re likely just days away from Apple’s next big launch. With a date now just a few short days away, we want to take a look at what we expect from Apple’s annual iPhone launch event, a date that will almost certainly provide consumers with new products and the highly anticipated iPhone 6 release date.

For eight months now, we’ve heard iPhone 6 rumors hint at the iPhone 6 specs, iPhone 6 release date and the all important iPhone 6 launch date, the day that will supposedly announce its new iPhone. This year’s iPhone 6 launch date figures to be an extremely important date for Apple, and consumers, because iPhone 6 rumors point to a significant upgrade over the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6 specs are rumored to include two larger screen sizes, an A8 processor, a brand new camera with image stabilization technology, Touch ID, and a redesign that features more metal and a slim frame. The device has been a fixture amongst smartphone enthusiasts for eight months and now, as we approach the month of September, average consumers are starting to key in on all of these details.

For most of the year, iPhone 6 rumors have centered on an arrival in September. Those suspicions were confirmed by a series of reports from Recode, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal, both of which pegged the iPhone 6 launch date for early September. That date is not confirmed but the sources are credible and have been accurate in the past. What this means is that we’re likely just a few short weeks away from hearing about the iPhone 6 release date and the iPhone 6 specs.

We’ve taken a look at both of those and now, we want to take a look at the iPhone 6 launch itself. These details aren’t confirmed but instead are educated predictions based on incessant iPhone 6 rumors, on gut feelings, and on years of covering Apple products like hawks. This is what we do not expect from the iPhone 6 launch date.

iPhone 6 Launch Date That’s Not September 9th

Apple hasn’t sent out any invites yet for a September 9th iPhone 6 launch event but that’s alright. Reports are doing all of the talking for the company at this point and there’s no reason to believe that three different reports, all from reputable sources, are dead wrong. It also helps that September 9th falls in line with the typical iPhone launch window.

Gotta Be Mobile is also hearing that people behind the scenes are preparing for a September 9th Apple event so this date seems to be locked in stone.

So unless something drastic takes place behind the scenes, and given that we’re just days away from September we doubt that it will, September 9th should serve as the launch pad for all of the pertinent details regarding Apple’s next iPhone including iPhone 6 specs, carriers, iPhone 6 release date, and Apple’s iOS 8 update.

iPhone 6 Alone

The iPhone 6 won’t be the only new product that Apple debuts on September 9th. No, we expect the company to announce the iOS 8 update’s final public release while recapping all of its features. iOS updates always debut alongside new iPhone hardware so there’s a very good chance that the iPhone 6 will be joined by iOS 8.

It also looks like Apple could offer a pretty big surprise. A new report from Recode suggests that the iWatch, Apple’s new wearable, could be coming to the stage on September 9th as well. Originally, the publication hinted at an October launch event for the iWatch but it now looks like Apple has moved it up to the iPhone 6 event.


The timing makes sense. Motorola is set to announce its Moto 360 smartwatch on September 4th and there has been a lot of interest in the company’s circular wearable. Samsung is also expected to announce a brand new smartwatch, dubbed Gear Solo, on September 3rd though interest in that device isn’t as crazy as interest in the Moto 360.

iWatch rumors suggest that it will come with curved OLED display and run a modified version of iOS 8. iWatch release date rumors, however, have been all over the place with rumors ranging from October to 2015. Perhaps, Apple will simply announce the iWatch with a release window rather than a release date in an effort to steal the thunder from its rivals.

New Apple Products 2014

It’s not clear what will happen to Apple’s October event. With OS X Yosemite confirmed for the fall, new iPads and a new MacBook Air all rumored for arrival, we could see Apple split up its launch dates like it has in the past. It’s also possible that it will announce everything at once. At the very least, don’t expect the iPhone 6 to arrive alone.

Apple to Hold Back

Do not expect Apple to hold back at its iPhone 6 launch event. With the iPhone 6 set to move to a larger display, we have a feeling that the company is going to launch a full on assault on the iPhone’s top Android competitors. Look for Apple to slyly trash the competition while touting the benefits of its own larger smartphone display.


For those that might have forgotten, Apple hosts these launch events to sell its new products. Steve Jobs was the ultimate salesman and now, Tim Cook and company are tasked with selling a larger iPhone 6 and perhaps, a new product category  in the iWatch.

The Moto X+1, Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 release is close.

The Moto X+1, Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 releases are close.

The company will almost certainly be on the attack on September 9th as it combats opponents like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3, Moto 360 and other wearables.

iPhone 6 Pre-Orders

Do not expect iPhone 6 pre-orders to start on September 9th. If Apple holds iPhone 6 pre-orders, and that’s a big if given that we didn’t see any emerge last year, don’t expect them to arrive on September 9th. The company almost always holds its pre-orders a few days after the launch event after everything has settled.

iPhone 6 Video Specs

The iPhone 6 release date is heavily rumored for September 19th, 10 days after the iPhone 6 launch date, so we would expect pre-orders to emerge about a week before the iPhone 6 goes on sale, if they even arrive at all.

Retailers like RadioShack and Best Buy will likely take some kind of pre-orders ahead of the release date though we don’t expect them to be as reliable as pre-orders through carrier stores and Apple.

Every Carrier Detail

Don’t expect carriers to announce every single iPhone 6 detail on the iPhone 6 launch date. Carriers around the world are at the mercy of Apple and they tend to wait for the company to give them details before announcing anything.

We also don’t expect smaller carriers like say a Bluegrass Wireless to immediately speak up about the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 release date. Smaller regional carriers are almost always weeks behind the rest of the pack and we don’t expect anything different this time around from Apple or from the carriers that support the iPhone.

iOS 8 Release Time

We do expect Apple to announce the iOS 8 release date on the iPhone 6 launch date but we don’t expect it to get into specifics. The company typically offers iPhone and iPad users a concrete release date on the day of the iPhone event but it does not announce things like the release time.

iOS update release times are always up in the air ahead of their release dates and we don’t expect anything different from the iOS 8 release. And because we don’t expect anything different, we think that Apple will likely stick with the pattern that it has stuck with for a number of years now.

That is to say that it likes to release its iOS update in and around 10AM PST on their release day. We have a strong feeling that the iOS 8 release will fall in and around September 17th at 10AM. iOS updates always come a few days before the arrival of a new iPhone and with the iPhone 6 release date pegged for September 19th, September 17th fits the criteria perfectly.

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