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iPhone 6 NFC Support Hinted in New Rumors



NFC Support for the iPhone has been rumored for a while, and reports even suggested the the iPhone 5s would have it, but according to leaked photos of what is apparently the iPhone 6’s logic board, Apple’s next flagship iPhone might come with NFC.

The leaked shots come from, which has been responsible for a ton of other iPhone leaks in the past. While the photo doesn’t necessarily prove that the iPhone 6 will get NFC support, says that the logic board of the 4.7-inch model contains an NFC chip, as well as 802.11ac WiFi capabilities.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and it’s used in a handful of smartphones already. It allows users to transfer information from one device to another if they’re close enough together, so it’s usually done by tapping two devices together to trigger the NFC.

NFC is used for all kinds of things, but it’s most popular uses are for transferring information from one smartphone to another, as well as making payments at retail stores that support NFC.

The iPhone has been rumored for years that it would support NFC, but that has yet to happen. However, this doesn’t stop the myriad of NFC rumors from coming back again each and every year that a new iPhone is released. While you’re probably doubting in yet again, the larger 4.7-inch model could open up a lot of room for new features in the iPhone 6, so NFC may not be completely out of the question.

iPhone 6

However, patents from Apple have referred to the possibility of an iWallet digital payment system that could take advantage of NFC. Of course, plenty of patents never see the light of day, but considering how mobile payments and NFC have taken off, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple get in on the action.

While NFC is a growing technology, we also wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple ditch it altogether and use its iBeacon technology instead. iBeacon uses Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate with your iOS device and it’s currently being rolled out in retail stores and even baseball stadiums to give customers a better experience.

For example, retail stores can use iBeacon to tell customers about any deals on jeans if you’re currently browsing in the jeans section. iBeacon can also be used to check out at some retail stores, allowing to bypass the long lines at the register. It’s very similar to NFC, but with a much larger communication field.

While the iPhone 6 is nowhere near being official yet, rumors point to the biggest new feature being a larger screen and a new design, with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays being the agreed-upon specs.


You can also bet on a better camera and faster performance with the iPhone 6. Rumors point to the addition of optical image stabilization technology with the iPhone 6′s camera, allowing users to take steady photos even if they don’t hold the phone completely still. It’s certainly a feature that every camera in a smartphone should have and hopefully we see it arrive on the iPhone 6.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6 will most likely come with a faster processor and better graphics in the form of the Apple A8 processor. The bigger screen of the iPhone 6 will no doubt make the new device a much better gaming handheld, so we wouldn’t be surprised for Apple to seriously increase the graphics performance of the iPhone 6.

Apple’s new flagship is expected to be released at some point in September, with several sources saying that September 19 will be the big day. We wouldn’t completely be surprised if the iPhone 6 did release on this day, but we’re taking many of these rumors with a grain of salt until we hear official word from Apple.

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