iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 Review
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iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 Review



The iOS 8.1.3 update is arriving as a notification on many iPhone 6 Plus and other devices this weekend with bug fixes and other small updates as Apple continues a push to deliver a better iOS 8 experience on the new iPhones. After using the iOS 8.1.3 update on the iPhone 6 Plus for almost a week we can share our experience with the performance of this small, but useful update.

The iOS 8.1.3 update arrived last week for all devices running iOS 8, and it is likely the last small update before Apple releases iOS 8.2. The iOS 8.2 beta is in progress and it is expected to arrive in March or April ahead of an Apple Watch release.

Apple’s track record with iOS 8 updates is improving, but we like to take a close look at even the small updates like iOS 8.1.3 to make sure that there aren’t big problems hidden alongside the fixes and features. Overall the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 review is positive, but there are important things to consider.

Should I install the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 update?

Should I install the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 update?

The iOS 8.1.3 update breaks the ability to jailbreak the iPhone 6 Plus. If you rely on jailbreak tweaks and iOS 8 themes on Cydia to customize your device, do not install this update.

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If you accidentally upgraded, you can still downgrade iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1.2 until Apple closes that loophole. This could happen early this week, so if you need to go back, now is a good time to do so.

This is our iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 review after a week of use on the large device. Keep in mind that not every iPhone reacts to updates the same way and apps, services and home network hardware can play a role in how good an update performs on each device. Read on to find out if you should install the iOS 8.1.3 update on the iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 Review

The iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 update delivers a small update for the large iPhone that closes the jailbreak but otherwise doesn’t impact the security of the update. I carry the iPhone 6 Plus and a handful of other devices with me each day, and after installing an update like this I use that device more so that I can check the performance after an update.

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This iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 review is a general guide to the performance on this iPhone. We also take a look at the iOS 8.1.3 performance on other devices including older ones like the iPhone 4s that are often more troublesome. The iOS 8.1.3 experience can vary from one device to the next, so keep that in mind as you decide if you should install iOS 8.1.3 on your iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 Plus app performance is solid on iOS 8.1.3.

The iPhone 6 Plus app performance is solid on iOS 8.1.3.


I did not run into any problems with iPhone 6 Plus apps after installing iOS 8.1.3. Right after installing the update I updated all of my apps that had notifications in the App Store. Often this can fix any problems by bringing the latest app bug fixes to the iPhone as well. The test includes Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Alien Blue HDE OTP, My Fitness Pal and others included in our best iPhone 6 Plus apps roundup.

Another key thing is that there are no landscape issues on the iPhone 6 Plus, like I saw on earlier updates. These sometimes return several weeks after an update, so I will continue to watch for problems.

iOS 8.1.3 Battery Life

The iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 battery life is unchanged from before the update. Even with a day of heavy use the iPhone 6 Plus battery is rarely empty unless I am using it in poor coverage or with the screen at full brightness. If you experience any issues, check out iOS 8.1.3 battery life guide.

WiFi, Cellular Data & Bluetooth

Last fall a small update knocked out the cellular connectivity on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, which is one of the reasons we test these updates with so much scrutiny. The iOS 8.1.3 update did not break WiFi, Bluetooth or Cellular. I did need to re-pair a Bluetooth headset, but a Bluetooth keyboard remained connected. The iPhone 6 Plus also continues to function as a personal hotspot.

There are some iOS 8.1.3 problems, but it is not an issue for our review unit.

There are some iOS 8.1.3 problems, but it is not an issue for our review unit.

Bugs & Issues

Some users are reporting a variety of iOS 8.1.3 problems, but the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 experience is one with no major issues. I will continue to watch for landscape issues, but don’t expect any major surprises at this point.


The iPhone 6 Plus is a brand new phone that is incredibly fast, and the iOS 8.1.3 update does not change that. While small updates may slow down an older phone, the iPhone 6 Plus is as fast as it was on release day. Apps open fast, multitasking is snappy and there is no lag.

Is iOS 8.1.3 for iPhone 6 Plus Worth Installing?

The iOS 8.1.3 update is worth installing on the iPhone 6 Plus for most users.

The iOS 8.1.3 update is worth installing on the iPhone 6 Plus for most users.

The iOS 8.1.3 update is worth installing on the iPhone 6 Plus unless you need to keep your jailbreak. It is still a good idea to make sure that you investigate any potential app issues if you use the iPhone 6 Plus for work, but this small update is safe to install.

For users without any problems, there is no strong need to update to iOS 8.1.3, and you can just as easily wait for the iOS 8.2 release in early 2015. If you are having problems on your iPhone 6 Plus, there is a chance that the iOS 8.1.3 update will fix it, and you may want to install it now.

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