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iPhone 6 Prank Video Proves That Apple Hype Is Real



The iPhone 6 won’t release until September, but what happens when you show people a dummy iPhone 6 and tell them that it’s the real deal?

YouTuber Jonathan Morrison got his hands on a fully-working and yet-to-be-announced iPhone 6, but the only catch is that it’s not actually an iPhone 6, but rather a generic smartphone that looks like the iPhone 6 and runs a heavily-skinned version of Android to make it look like it’s running iOS.

Most users who are up-to-date with the latest Apple news and follow all of the rumors would no doubt cry foul if they were told that this device was the actual iPhone 6, but showing it to the general public reveals a whole different side of the Apple hype.

After handing over the fake iPhone 6 to random passersby and giving them a chance to play around with it, Morrison begins naming off bogus new features of the device, saying that Apple skipped the A8 and A9 processor family entirely and went straight to the A10 processor with 26 cores because Samsung “is catching up and taking all of Apple’s sales.”

He also gets some of the folks to believe that the device has a 3D display like the Amazon Fire Phone, as well as a super high-resolution screen that’s actually pretty pixelated, but it’s because “the phone simply can’t handle such high resolution.”

Morrison also convinces people that Apple scrapped Siri on the iPhone 6 and started using Android’s Google Now voice assistant “because it’s better.” As expected, everyone ate it up like tiramisu.

The video kind of proves how most consumers don’t really care about specs and don’t necessarily follow all of the latest news about upcoming smartphones. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, as ignorance can be bliss, but it can leave the door wide open for misinformation to poke through.

Most importantly, though, the video goes to show that if a device has an Apple logo on it, there are people out there who will take it as it is no matter how bogus the claims are.

As for the fake iPhone 6 that Morrison was showing off, it’s actually called the Goophone i6, and it’s just one of the many Chinese knock-off iPhones that are roaming around. Chinese companies make these iPhones to trick misinformed shoppers, but they’re also fun to own as a novelty item of sorts.

iPhone 6

Dummy iPhone 6 units can be bought right now, similar to one above.

The Goophone i6 essentially takes all of the design rumors that have been floating around the last couple of months and puts it into a real-life form factor. Then, it runs a version of Android that is heavily re-designed to look like iOS, but Morrison notes that if you spend even a few seconds playing around with, it’s obvious that it’s a really crappy version of Android that’s barely stable.

However, that didn’t stop numerous folks from ogling the device and praising it once they got the chance the play around with a device that isn’t even out yet, let alone an Apple device. Of course, the camera in their faces might have made them want to seem like they were agreeable with Morrison for good TV, but that didn’t stop some of the interviewees from looking a bit puzzled by Morrison’s bogus claims.

In any case, it’s clear that people are excited about the iPhone 6, whether they know a lot about the device or not. Apple has made its brand recognizable to a wide variety of people, so if you don’t know much about what Apple makes, you at least know that they’re an influential company that sells a ton of smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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