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iPhone 6 Problems Causing Displaced Front-Facing Camera



The iPhone 6 hasn’t been without its problems since launching back in September, but a new issue has been popping up over the last few weeks, and it deals with the front-facing camera.

Many users have complained that the front-facing camera on their iPhone 6 units is displaced from the camera hole. Users report seeing a gray crescent moon shape taking up part of the camera hole, indicating that the camera module isn’t lined up with the camera hole.

Some users are saying that they were able to get a replacement pretty quickly at the Apple Store, as this doesn’t appear to be an issue that owners could cause themselves. A lot of users are saying that dropping your iPhone doesn’t cause this, as it has appeared ever since opening up the box.

As far as it affecting photos taken with the front-facing camera, most iPhone 6 owners who are experiencing the issue haven’t said that it’s affecting photos, which is at least a good thing, but over time, the issue could very-well start to affect images taken with the front-facing camera.


Many users are saying just how easy it’s been to get a replacement iPhone after bringing in their affected iPhone to the Apple Store, which is a different case than the iPhone 6 bending problems that many users have also been experiencing.

While there has been enough attention to warrant Apple to address the issue and replace affected units, it seems that many users aren’t being granted free replacements after all. Plus, the number of iPhone 6 owners complaining about bent devices seems to keep growing.

One Reddit users says that he went into an Apple Store to get a replacement iPhone 6 Plus after he discovered that it became slightly bent. Unfortunately, contrary to what Apple says, the Genius Bar worker nor the store manager wouldn’t grant him a replacement device.

The Genius Bar employee told the iPhone 6 Plus owner that “Apple has not indicated to us at this time that this is a manufacturing issue.” The employee then told the owner that he could use one of his AppleCare+ claims in order to get a replacement, but that also requires a deductible.


The owner then proceeded to talk to the store manager, who reiterated what the Genius Bar employee said, stating that “Apple has told us that it is not a problem with the phones […] We are not replacing bent phones at this time.”

Similarly, another Reddit user went to the Apple Store to get his bent iPhone 6 replaced, only to be turned away by the Genius Bar employee, saying that “there is no way your phone could have bent like that in your pocket” and that the user had to have applied excessive force on the phone, wrongfully implying that he had bent it on purpose

The employee told him that if he wanted the phone replaced, it would be an out-of-warranty repair at a cost of $369AUD.

This goes against what Apple said earlier, telling users that they would replace bent iPhone 6 device, as long as the device passed a few guidelines and a visual inspection. We’re not quite sure what these guidelines are, but the owner mentioned above had an iPhone 6 Plus that was in pristine condition before it slightly bent.

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