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iPhone 6 Reachability Comes to iOS 7 with New Cydia Tweak



The iPhone 6’s Reachability feature allows you to double-tap the Home button to bring down the screen so that you can easily tap on the top row of icons or anything else near the top of the screen. However, a new iOS 7 Cydia tweaks brings that functionality to other iPhones.

The tweak is called Reachability7 and it works on any jailbroken iPhone running iOS 7. It also works alongside Activator so that you can setup a shortcut of your own to activate the Reachability feature. The nice thing about that is you can set it up as anything you want, instead of simply being defaulted to double-tapping the Home button, which actually won’t work on the iPhone 5 or older since there’s no Touch ID fingerprint sensor on these phones.

The tweak is still rather new, and many users are claiming that there are still a handful of bugs that need fixed, but other than that, the tweak works. And considering that many users would pay at least a couple of dollars for a feature like this on older iPhones, knowing that it’s a free tweak is something quite special.

There are a few users who reported having their WiFi crash and shut off when installing this tweak, so it’s safe to say that you should go into this with a bit of caution, but if installing it causes any problems, Cydia makes it easy to delete the tweak and essentially back up to where you were previously before you installed the tweak. However, it’s always a good idea to back up your iPhone before installing a jailbreak tweak that’s known to cause some issues.


Reachability is a feature that Apple announced earlier this month during its iPhone 6 event that’s essentially the company’s “One-Handed Mode” for the new iPhone, which we’ve heard rumors about previously before the iPhone 6 was announced. The feature allows users to easily reach the top portion of the screen by double-tapping the Home button in order to slide the screen down.

However, while many users enjoy the feature and even want on older iPhone devices, some may not find it as useful, or may find it annoying, as you could easily double-tap the Home button on accident to trigger Reachability. Thankfully, you can disable the feature on your iPhone 6 by going into Settings.

Simply navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Toggle On/Off Reachability. Once it’s disabled, you won’t be able to activate the feature, but you can easily go back into settings and re-enable it if you discover that it’s something you’d want to use again.

Reachability is a feature that many users are taking advantage of, especially with the iPhone 6’s larger screens. The iPhone 6 comes packing with a 4.7-inch display, while the iPhone 6 Plus comes with a humungous 5.5-inch screen. The 4.7-inch screen isn’t terribly large by any means, as it’s the standard for most smartphones today, but those with small hands may still find it difficult to reach every corner of the screen without a little bit of help. Reachability aims to easily fix it.

As for the Cydia tweak, it’s probably a good bet that the developer will update it and fix many of the bugs that are present on the first version, so if you can be patient, it might be worth it to wait until it’s updated. However, feel free to install it now and try your luck, as there’s also a good chance that it may work fine for you.

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