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iPhone 6 Release Date Delivery for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Available



iPhone 6 pre-orders started with Apple Store errors and trouble with T-Mobile and AT&T iPhone 6 pre-order errors, but in the early morning on the East coast there are still options for iPhone 6 release date delivery.

The iPhone 6 release date is one week away, and there are still free delivery options for buyers that want the iPhone 6 delivered on September 19th, but most shoppers are out of luck if they want the iPhone 6 Plus delivered in the same timeframe.

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In a switch from the norm, shoppers need avoid going to the carrier websites and stick with Apple to get one of the new iPhones with a 4.7-inch screen delivered on September 16th.

Here’s a quick look at where you can still buy the new iPhone for delivery on the iPhone 6 release date, and what’s missing from the ordering now.

You can still place an order with iPhone 6 release date delivery on all carriers, in some fashion.

You can still place an order with iPhone 6 release date delivery on all carriers, in some fashion.

Verizon iPhone 6 Release Delivery

Shoppers who log in to Verizon to buy the iPhone 6 this morning will see some of the iPhone 6 pre-orders sold out for delivery on the iPhone 6 release date, but you can still choose the iPhone 6 in silver and gold for delivery on September 19th. This is  surprise considering the difficulty buying a gold iPhone last year. silver and gold Verizon iPhone 6 pre-orders are available in all storage sizes.

On the Apple Store you can buy any of the Verizon iPhone 6 pre-orders for delivery on September 19th.

AT&T iPhone 6 Release Delivery

The AT&T iPhone 6 release date delivery options direct from the carrier include all the iPhone 6 options, but only certain colors and storage sizes. If you plan to buy from AT&T you can only lock in iPhone 6 release date delivery on the silver and space gray 128GB or all the gold iPhone 6 options.

If you use the Apple Store or Apple Store app you can currently pre-order all size and storage options for delivery on the release date. Some users found out they cannot upgrade from Apple with NEXT, so that may limit the options.

T-Mobile iPhone 6 Release Delivery

T-Mobile iPhone 6 pre-orders started late and this morning we are not seeing any time listed for the T-Mobile iPhone 6 release date delivery or later using T-Mobile so users will have to go all the way through checkout without knowing.

If you are ok with paying full price and skipping the T-Mobile Jump! iPhone 6 pricing you can still check out at Apple for a T-Mobile iPhone 6 release day delivery.

Choose iPhone 6 release date in store pickup, or delivery to your home.

Choose iPhone 6 release date in store pickup, or delivery to your home.

Sprint iPhone 6 Release Delivery

You can still order a Sprint iPhone 6 for delivery on September 19th, and if you want to buy one of the 16GB space gray models go directly to Sprint. Sprint still shows iPhone 6 release day delivery for most storage and color combinations.

IF you go through Apple there is a 7-10 day delay on the silver and gold 16GB iPhone 6 models.

iPhone 6 Plus Release Day Delivery

If you want the iPhone 6 Plus on September 19th, you’ll be waiting in line on the iPhone 6 release date or you better head to a store like Best Buy and Radio Shack to pre-order now.

We placed iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders on multiple carriers and within minutes of going on sale delivery pushed out to 14 to 21  days on AT&T. Verizon offered iPhone 6 Plus release date delivery through part of the night, but this morning you are tough pressed to find anyone promising shipments hitting your doorstep on September 19th.

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Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Radio Shack are all taking iPhone 6 pre-orders in store and if you want the iPhone 6 Plus you can pre-order it at Best Buy and Radio Shack. None of these retailers are offering online orders.



  1. frankg

    09/12/2014 at 1:33 pm

    the information about best buy is incorrect, I when this morning at 10 am eastern and they cant place any order for any of the iphone plus

  2. Alina Zhibek

    09/13/2014 at 7:50 am

    Why do Americans these days always feel the need to get the latest iStuff? There is barely any difference between the very first iPhone and the latest model. A touch screen phone with internet… WOW!

    You shouldn’t be able to complain about the economy or your own personal financial situation if you blow your money on trivial Apple crap.

    Many American have a steak taste on a hamburger budget . That’s part of the problem we now face from a long time ago. Barrow to the max and then whine about now having enough money . Nice house , car or truck and boat. Can you afford them or does it really matter at this period of time?

    I’m just gonna make smart decisions with my money so I don’t end up with an empty bank account:

    1) Paying off my debts as they come to me. Never holding a credit card balance longer than a month. If this means living in a small studio apartment and eating ramen, rice, and beans, so be it.

    2) I will always buy small, fuel efficient and durable cars. I drive a 2006 Honda Civic now. It costs me nothing to fill up and next to nothing to insure ($25/month from Insurance Panda… woohoo!). I will not drive when I don’t need to, and use public transportation whenever possible.

    3) Developing multiple revenue streams. Doing side jobs. Building up small businesses. Doing contract work. Basically doing whatever I can to generate income from multiple sources.

    4) Grow my revenue and assets no matter what. Make sure I am always expanding and develop them to the point that they consistently generate reliable cash flow.

    5) The most important one – make as much as I can. Save as much as I can.

    iPhones… ecigarettes… Starbucks… Chipotle Burritos…new clothes.. organic lipgloss… expensive yoga classes. Why not try living in your means for once? No wonder we have a debt crisis.

  3. Sam Martinez

    09/13/2014 at 8:59 am

    Dear, Alina
    For your information, most of the people that buy a brand new iphone have the money to buy it. Also… NO ONE F-ING CARES ABOUT YOUR FANANCES, If you don’t like iPhones… i respect that. I just can’t stand people that comment with stupid sh#t like YOU did.

  4. All American

    09/13/2014 at 10:51 am

    Dear Alina,
    I think your comment is pretty retarded, it seems to me that you are jealous of the Americans who can afford these materialistic things you just mentioned. When you grow up, you’ll one day understand. Thanks for reading this! Lol

  5. All American Again

    09/13/2014 at 10:53 am

    Dear Alina,
    It’s me again lol, um just wanted to mention that I see you were interested in the new phone yourself, or you wouldn’t be on this comment log! Loser

  6. Billymac

    09/14/2014 at 12:26 pm


    I buy a new iPhone every year for a subsidized price and sell my old one on eBay. It would be STUPID not to get a new one as I often come out a head. The only thing dumber is keeping your phone until it isn’t worth anything. Say what you want about the iPhone, it doesn’t bother me any but they sure do hold their value.

  7. bored

    09/15/2014 at 7:49 am

    Alina, just shut up. You are just sourgraping.

  8. Mathias

    09/15/2014 at 9:06 am

    Silly comment. I use my two iPhones and 5 iPads to make $30k per month.
    And there is nothing similar to the first iPhone other than it is a touch screen and on the internet.

  9. Hey B

    09/23/2014 at 8:07 am

    Who’s the “we” that you’re referring to as having a debt crisis?!? Sounds like you live here; I’m sure

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