iPhone 6 Release Date Details Keep Firming Up
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iPhone 6 Release Date Details Keep Firming Up



As we push deeper into 2014, we’re seeing iPhone 6 rumors continue to firm up and today, new information backs up what we’ve already heard about the iPhone 6 release date in the fall.

In the weeks leading up to Apple’s WWDC 2014 event in San Francisco, we heard a lot about iOS 8 and we also heard a great deal about the iPhone that will supposedly be accompanying it to shelves later on this year. At WWDC, Apple announced iOS 8, released an iOS 8 beta, and confirmed an iOS 8 release date for the fall. And it was that final detail that helped iPhone 6 release date rumors firm up ahead of the inevitable launch.

New iOS software is always accompanied to shelves by new iPhone hardware. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that Apple is allegedly planning an iPhone 6 release for later in the year. iPhone 6 release rumors have been rampant and they currently all point to an arrival in the fall in September.

iPhone 6 release date rumored for September yet again

A new report from Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White, courtesy of BGR, suggests something similar. White, who has been hit and miss with Apple predictions in the past, claims that the company is gearing up to release two different iPhone 6 models later in the year. Apple is rumored to have both a 4.7-inch iPhone and a 5.5-inch iPhone in development and rumors have pointed to two different release dates. White’s information agrees with that sentiment.

White claims that while the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will launch in September, he believes that Apple could launch the larger model in October. He is “confident” that the company will launch the larger 5.5-inch model in 2014. Rumors have pointed to an iWatch launch in October, not September, so it’s possible that we could see Apple utilize multiple launch events and multiple release dates for its new iPhone 6.

Well respected KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, the man who accurately predicted many of the iPhone 5s’ features, believes that Apple will utilize two separate release dates with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 coming in September followed by another iPhone release ahead of the holiday shopping season. Kuo’s predictions echo a number of other iPhone 6 release date rumors.


Specific iPhone 6 release dates remain out of reach though at least one carrier has begun telling its customers to prepare for an iPhone 6 release on September 19th. Deutsche Telekom customer service representatives have told customers that it expects Apple to release the iPhone 6 that day, the last Friday of the month. Apple’s last two iPhones were released on the third Friday of September so its information is likely based on guesswork rather than inside information.

Last year, Apple released two new iPhones for the first time, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but released them both on the same day in September.

The iPhone 6 will come with Touch ID according to rumors.

The iPhone 6 will come with Touch ID according to rumors.

The iPhone 6 is expected to introduce some significant changes to the iPhone. iPhone 6 rumors point to the change in screen size but also to a change in screen resolution. The iPhone 6 is expected to feature more pixels per inch, something that would lead to crisper looking content on its display.

Apple’s new iPhone is also rumored to have a brand new A8 64-bit processor, an upgraded camera with image stabilization, a brand new design that mirrors the iPod touch, NFC, wireless charging, and more. Of course, iPhone 6 features depend on the testing process behind the scenes and Apple could very well ditch features ahead of its eventual launch date.

It’s still not clear how Apple’s lineup will look after the iPhone 6’s arrival. The company typically sticks to a lineup that features a device starting at $199.99, $99, and free but rumors point to a change in price with the iPhone 6. The larger model is rumored to be as expensive as $299.99, the same price as the Galaxy Note 3.



  1. Trevor

    06/10/2014 at 7:18 pm

    You made a mistake. You wrote September 19th and went on to say it must be guesswork since the last two iPhones were released on the 3rd Friday of September and this one is expected the last Friday. The 19th is the 3rd Friday, not the last Friday of the month. so how could it be the 19 and the last Friday at the same time?

  2. fake.com

    06/12/2014 at 10:35 am


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