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iPhone 6 Release Date Looms as Small Shops Start Preorders



Sellers are so certain the iPhone 6 release date is close that they are already selling iPhone 6 preorders to customers online. The iPhone 6 price charged by these sellers isn’t anywhere close to what you’ll pay for an iPhone 6 preorder at Verizon later this year, but if you want to be first in the digital line here’s what you need to know.

Multiple rumors point to an iPhone 6 release date in September. This is less than a two months away, and if the iPhone 6 release date rumors are correct you’ll be able to buy the new iPhone on September 19th. Traditionally iPhone 6 preorders would arrive a week ahead of time, but many sellers are already offering to sell an iPhone 6 preorder for as much as $1,289.

Even without an official iPhone 6 release date some places are offering preorders.

Even without an official iPhone 6 release date some places are offering preorders.

The latest iPhone 6 release date chatter indicates Apple plans to meet the demand for a new iPhone with a bigger screen by ordering as many as 80 million iPhone 6 units. This large number could be split between two iPhone 6 screen sizes, but it still represents a large number.

The iPhone 6 release date weekend sales would need to top nine million units to beat the previous record, and with pent-up demand it is possible. For perspective during the last quarter Apple likely sold over 3o million iPhones.

With that out-of-the-way, it looks like there may not be shortages during the iPhone 6 release date in the U.S. that would necessitate paying a premium to get a new iPhone. But, that isn’t stopping sellers that want to cash in on the madness that comes with a new iPhone release date.

The Wall Street Journal reports that over 30 sellers on Alibaba, an online merchant service similar to eBay but with a target of businesses, already offer an iPhone 6 preorder.

Expect a bigger screen on the iPhone 6, but not incredibly big.

Expect a bigger screen on the iPhone 6, but not incredibly big.

These small shops are selling access to the new iPhone before Apple even announced the device and before an official iPhone 6 release date is confirmed.

One of these shops shows a mock up of the Apple webpage with an iPhone 6 concept on it. This listing claims the iPhone 6 will be in short supply and shows a variety of iPhone 6 concepts on the sales page that offers an iPhone 6 preorder for $1,289 USD.

Various other shops list iPhone 6 preorders on the new iPhone with a 4.7-inch display for some outlandish prices. One listing claims the iPhone 6 will offer a solar charging display and a 1080P resolution, which current rumors do not back up. Most of these listings are for a 16GB or 32GB iPhone 6 for Hong Kong.

Although these are some of the first iPhone 6 preorders to arrive online, U.S. shoppers should wait for the official U.S. iPhone 6 release date announcement before trying to preorder or buy an iPhone 6.

Apple will likely announce the iPhone 6 at a special event in early September. Several rumors point to a late September iPhone 6 release date with many focused exclusively on September 19th. This is just ahead of the close of Apple’s fiscal year, and matches timing for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

The video above explains the major differences between the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5. This is based on an iPhone 6 mock up and iPhone 6 rumors that shed light on what consumers can expect. Although Apple normally is able to keep some part of a new iPhone secret, leaks typically showcase the look and many features before the special event.

At this point we expect an iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display and one with a 5.5-inch display is also rumored. The bigger display includes a higher 1704 x 960 resolution that will deliver sharper looking on screen images and text. A new design with curved edges and more rounded corners replaces the look of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. We also expect a new processor, camera and new iOS 8 features.

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