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iPhone 6 Rumor Roundup: What to Believe This Week



This week iPhone 6 rumors point to a fall release date and start to show us more about the possible size of an iPhone 6. Catch up on the latest iPhone 6 rumors and learn what is worth believing in this quick look at the latest iPhone 6 rumors.

The iPhone 6 is a new iPhone for 2014, with rumors of a larger iPhone dating back to 2012. Last week we shared 10 important iPhone 6 details that emerged in March, and this week we are taking a look back at the biggest rumors of the week and a feature that shows how iOS 8 and an iPhone 6 could combine to deliver an amazing large screen experience.

With all Apple rumors, not everything we hear about an iPhone 6 is believable, but combined even conflicting reports can help shape what potential buyers can expect from Apple later this year.

iPhone 6 Rumor Roundup

Here is a look back at the important iPhone 6 rumors from this week, and one that shouldn’t be believed. The latest iPhone 6 rumors agree on certain items, like a fall release, but the size of the iPhone 6 is still up in the air, which is not surprising with six months before a likely release date.

iPhone 6 Design Sample is Too Odd

A pair of photos from a case company in Japan kicked off the week showing what they claim is an iPhone 6 design sample made to test the fit of cases, next to an iPhone 5s and iPhone 5.

Inconsistencies like the circular flash, as well as the early arrival make this a questionable sample.

Inconsistencies like the circular flash, as well as the early arrival make this a questionable sample.

It is very early in the game for a leaked iPhone 6 design sample like this to show up, even one that a case company makes on their own based on leaks. When we first showed readers the new iPhone 5 design with a similar sample in 2012, it was much closer to the actual iPhone release date. It turned out to be right on the money, which is not something we are comfortable saying about this leak.

iPhone 6 Release Date, Price and Screen Details

We often learn about new iPhone 6 details through analysts who source information from various supply chain sources. These analysts are not always perfect, but based on past performance we learn which one offers cautious and calculated information about upcoming Apple products. Analysts typically share notes with investors that pay for an inside edge, and parts of these notes are often republished or in this case discussed on a financial TV program.

Steve Milunovich, an Analyst with UBS tells investors that the June is not going to be when we see a new iPhone, and that August or September are prime candidates for an iPhone 6 release date. Milunovich is also unsure of two iPhone 6 models at the same time with larger screens, and he believes the iPhone 6 price will stay the same.

iPhone 6 Sapphire Display

Three iPhone 6 rumors arrived in the middle of the week detailing the iPhone 6 Sapphire display. The display information is the most exciting as it comes form a recently granted Apple patent for putting a oil and fingerprint resistant coating on a Sapphire display.

Rumors suggest Apple is planning to put a Sapphire display cover on the iPhone 6. This is the most believable iPhone 6 rumor to date due to a large half a billion dollar investment in GT Advanced Technologies last year and a note from Apple to push progress forward for a critical component. Apple Insider discovered the patent and an analyst that monitors the Sapphire industry believes this will allow Apple to bulk coat screens.

iPhone 6 Battery Rumors

Tow iPhone 6 battery rumors arrived this week from DigiTimes which outlines a plan to shift away from manual assembly of iPhone 6 battery components into the iPhone 6, to machines. The iPhone and iPad assembly process is vary labor intensive with many workers touching each device on an assembly line, but that could change with the iPhone 6. the other rumor claims Apple is already placing iPhone 6 battery orders.

The iPhone 6 battery orders are in and assembly may be automated according to new rumors.

The iPhone 6 battery orders are in and assembly may be automated according to new rumors.

The reports don’t mention the battery size and capacity, which would deliver details that could help shape the overall picture of the iPhone 6 features and size. DigiTimes often reports industry gossip that is not always on the mark so we look at this publication to corroborate other reports.

iPhone 6 Size and Looks

The most recent iPhone 6 rumor this week includes a schematic that is of questionable origin, but it does show a second look at what an iPhone 6 with a larger display might look like, in terms of size. This is not a definitive iPhone 6 size, but we are sharing it to showcase what it may look like next to an iPhone 5s and other iPhone 6 rumored dimensions.

Mock up showing a possible iPhone 6 size comparison to other rumors and the iPhone 5s.

Mock up showing a possible iPhone 6 size comparison to other rumors and the iPhone 5s.

In the image above we include another rumored pair of iPhone 6 dimensions.

iPhone 6 Release Date and Resolution Rumors

The final iPhone 6 release date rumor this week comes from Nikkei, an Asian news publication that is more reliable than a social media posting. This report claims the iPhone 6 release date is set for September and the phone will come with a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch model.

The report sources data from display supply chain sources, who also claim Apple is planning a higher-resolution for the iPhone 6. Sharp and LG are mentioned as suppliers for an iPhone 6 display.

iPhone 6 & iOS 8 Possibilities

We kicked off the week showing five iPhone 6 and iOS 8 features that we would love to see arrive this fall if new iPhone comes with a larger display. These features come from Android phones and from our favorite features from the iPad.

  • Two Apps at Once
  • Flexible Keyboard
  • Better Siri
  • Smart One Hand Mode
  • Better Use of Space

Check out the full iOS 8 and iPhone 6 feature wishlist post for more details and examples of what we would like to see from Apple.



  1. Apple2bgone

    03/30/2014 at 9:27 am

    Blah blah blah!! Was a iPhone guy since 2007 had them all!! Not bad but till iPhone 5 and Tim cook bye bye!! Much happier with my HTC ONE M8 and has all the rumors of iPhone 6 apple may not have or get YET!!! And a option 128 gb external storage for a mini ad card with the internal 32 gb that’s a 160 gb …. 2 1/2 of my old 64 gb iPhone and the price of the HTC don’t rob the bank like greedy apple!! And metal and glass construction..

  2. Lewi

    03/30/2014 at 3:38 pm

    If people don’t like apple don’t buy it if you done like android DONT buy it why moan ‘ get a grip & a life everyone is different & have different likes & dislikes. I’m a huge apple fan but would not waste time criticising android. Rant over :)

  3. Apple2bgone

    03/30/2014 at 6:06 pm

    That’s why I changed to the HTC M8 I had both most apple fans agree Tim cook is not as good as Steve jobs!! But choice is choice I just got sick of apples restrictions

  4. Marc

    03/30/2014 at 6:44 pm

    I agree. Apple sucks this phone does not have any capabilities. I like a paper weight. I’ve always had HTC android since the HTC hero. I decided to try the iPhone and see what all the fuss is about and to try something new. Big regret! The phone does absolutely nothing!

  5. noah

    03/30/2014 at 9:20 pm

    The news story is not fully researched. As a part of the deal with apple the company that makes sapphire glass had to agree not to sell to competitors ever. That was a part of the huge monetary deal they made with apple.

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