iPhone 6 Rumors Heating Up as More Leaked Photos Appear
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iPhone 6 Rumors Heating Up as More Leaked Photos Appear



The iPhone 6 has been leaked again, and this time we’re seeing photos from the same leaker who provided accurate photos of the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini back when both devices were rumored.

There has been no shortage of iPhone 6 rumors and leaks over the past few weeks, proving that Apple’s efforts to double down on secrecy isn’t working out as much as it hoped.

The Weibo user who leaked the iPhone 6 photos goes by the name dreamerJimmy and has provided front and back photos of the alleged iPhone 6 alongside the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6

The photos really don’t tell us anything new about the design and look of the iPhone 6, as there have been plenty of leaks in the recent past revealing the look and feel of Apple’s alleged next-generation iPhone. However, these photos are perhaps the clearest and most straightforward images we’ve seen of the iPhone 6 so far.

dreamerJimmy says that this leaked model sports a 4.7-inch display, which goes right along with the many rumors that we’ve been hearing about the screen size of the iPhone 6. Furthermore, he says the power button is mounted on the right side of the device rather than on the top, which isn’t too surprising since most (if not all) Android devices are already like this, and it makes it easier for users to turn on and off the device.

As for the side-by-side comparison of the the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5s, both look very similar to each other, save for the screen size. The iPhone 6 shown here is rocking a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, as well as the FaceTime camera right above the earpiece. It’s worth noting that the Home button on the iPhone 6 has less clearance between the bottom of the display and the bottom of the device, almost making it seem like it was squeezed in there, but we suppose that was a must in order to keep the overall device size the smallest possible.


dreamerJimmy also notes that the phone feels “very grippy,” which is most likely thanks to the brushed metal frame that gives the device a textured feel, similar to that of the original iPhone.

The phone’s antennae are also now built inside of the device, rather than being external, and the white lines that you see on the back of the iPhone 6 are plastic spacers that allow said antennae to breathe a little, since they wouldn’t be able to penetrate metal otherwise.

One big feature that we’re seeing in the photos that don’t match up with recent rumors is the headphone jack. We’ve heard in the past that Apple was thinking about dropping the headphone jack in favor of a Lightning connection, but we new it seemed way too drastic to be true. The photos of the iPhone 6 show that the headphone jack will still be there.

We knew a larger iPhone 6 was a big possibility and that 4.7 inches was the alleged new size, with a 5.5-inch model also being a possibility. We’ve drafted up mockups before of what a 4.5-inch iPhone would look like and the that bezel in the iPhone 5s is big enough now that Apple could keep the same size device and just smack a larger display on it.

It’s said that the iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch display will have a resolution of 1704×960, which will make the iPhone even more high-resolution than it was before, essentially adding a third more pixels than the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 6 is expected to launch at some point in September, just like the release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 before it. Rumors have pointed to an August launch, but the general consensus is that August is very unlikely at this point.

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1 Comment

  1. Nick

    06/11/2014 at 11:31 am

    No 1080p at 4.7 inches? Seriously?

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