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iPhone 6 Screen Size: 4.5-Inch Possible in iPhone 5s Body



The iPhone 5s is only approaching its six-month birthday later this month, but talk about the next model is already kicking into high gear as we’re just now getting used to the year 2014. We have no idea what Apple has in store for the next-generation iPhone, but leaks and rumors are already being thrown around like a good ole fashioned food fight.

We’ve already seen some production photos leak, revealing that the iPhone 6 will most likely be equipped with a larger display. This latest leak shows that the iPhone 6 might have a screen that sits around 4.4 or 4.5 inches, which would be a healthy increase from the current 4-inch display that sits on the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6 Screen Size Possibilities

Of course, the internet is filled with iPhone 6 concepts, showing us what a larger iPhone would look like. However, many Apple loyalists have argued that the one thing that makes the iPhone stand out from the rest of the smartphone crowd is its relatively small size, making it easier to hold and slide in and out of pockets. Many people think that a larger iPhone would ruin such a feature.

What a lot of these people are failing to consider is that Apple could easily smack a 4.5-inch screen on the iPhone without barely increasing the overall size of the device itself. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the render below, which I carefully mocked up myself using my awesome (not really) Photoshopping skills. The model on the left is the current iPhone 5s with its 4-inch screen. The model on the right is what the iPhone 6 could look like with a 4.5-inch display.


(Left: The current iPhone 5s; Right: Possible iPhone 6 design with a 4.5-inch screen.)

You’ll notice that both phones are pretty much the same overall size, and that’s because they pretty much are. All I did was increase the width of the iPhone on the right by about 1/8 inch to make room for the larger display. The rest is left untouched, save for very minor changes to the Home button’s position and the positioning of the earpiece, light sensor and camera modules.

You’ll see that after it’s all said and done, a 4.5-inch screen on the iPhone without drastically increasing size is easy peasy. Of course, I’m no engineer, so I’m not sure how the internals would need to be arranged in order to make room for a larger screen, but compared to all of the dreamy and unrealistic concepts that I’ve seen of the iPhone 6 so far, this one seems at least doable; I’m sure Apple engineers could easily pull it off.

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The iPhone 5s has one of the smallest screen size-to-overall size ratio, with only 60.6% of the phone’s front surface area being screen, while most Android phones have a much higher ratio, like the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Nexus 5, all of which report at least 70% screen on the front. This means that there’s plenty of room on the iPhone to increase the screen size without increasing the overall size of the phone itself.

The only question is whether or not Apple will do this. Rumors point to a larger screen on the iPhone 6, but how will Apple handle the overall size of the device? Will it make the device proportionately larger, or will the company shrink the bezel in order to keep the size of the iPhone relatively the same as it currently is? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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