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iPhone 6 Setup Guide



This guide will show you the right way to set up your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8. You can follow the step-by-step iPhone 6 setup guide below and watch our iPhone 6 setup video for a walk through.

There is an iPhone 6 setup assistant that shows you through getting up and running on the iPhone 6, but you may want to know more about how this works and what the options are.

For users that bough the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in a carrier store and had to rush through their iPhone 6 setup you can find these items in the Settings app, or you can reset the iPhone 6 and start over as you walk through the process at your own pace.

For anyone with an iPhone 6 delivered, you’ll be on your own for this process and you will need to activate the iPhone 6 online or by making a call. The details are in the shipping box that came with your new iPhone.

iPhone 6 Setup Guide

The iPhone 6 setup video below walks through the iPhone 6 setup assistant that greats you when you turn the iPhone on. There is no iPhone 6 manual in the box to explain all of this, so you can see it on-screen and read on for more details about the steps.

Setting up the iPhone 6 takes about 5 minutes, maybe longer if you need to activate the iPhone, and is something anyone can do using this informational guide.

Basic iPhone 6 Setup

This is the start of the setup that everyone needs to go through.

Swipe to get started, Choose your Language and Country.

Connect to WiFi if possible to Activate. You can do this over cellular, but WiFi is faster.

You may need to call your carrier if you run into any issues.

Enable Location Services. If you turn this on apps can use your location. If you don’t you won’t be able to use apps all the way. Some users don’t like sharing this information. You can change this later in settings.

iPhone 6 Setup as New or Restore

Here is the iPhone 6 setup guide you wish Apple included in an iPhone 6 Manual.

Here is the iPhone 6 setup guide you wish Apple included in an iPhone 6 Manual.

The next question is if you want to setup as a new iPhone, restore from iTunes or restore from iCloud. I personally choose to setup as a new iPhone so I can get all the junk from the last two years off my iPhone, but many people will prefer to use the restore option.

If you setup as a new iPhone you can jump down to the next area. If you Restore from iCloud you only need to wait and let the iPhone do its thing. If you need to Restore from iTunes, you will need to plug-in to iTunes now. With the restore options you may need to continue following the guide soon after the restore completes.

iPhone 6 Setup: Accounts & FaceTime

The next step is signing in with your Apple ID and password. You can skip this, but I recommend doing this now instead of later.

After you sign in you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and tap Agree a second time. You can email them to you to read, but you can’t progress until you do this.

The iPhone 6 will set up your Apple ID and then ask questions about other services.

In 5-0 minutes you'll finish your iPhone 6 setup.

In 5-0 minutes you’ll finish your iPhone 6 setup.

iCloud Setup – Most users will want to turn this on so apps and data can sync between the iPhone 6, a Mac or Windows computer and your iPad.

Find My iPhone is on by default, making it easier to find a lost or stolen iPhone. We recommend keeping this on. If you lose the iPhone you can use another device to locate it and make it ring, even if it is on silent.

iMessage and FaceTime – On this screen you can choose if you want to use iMessage and what phone numbers and email addresses should be linked to the iPhone for iMessage and FaceTime. You can add or change this later, or tap on the check mark or box to select and unselect.

iPhone 6 Touch ID Setup

The iPhone 6 setup assistant will then ask you to set up Touch ID. This lets you place your finger on the home button to unlock the iPhone. It’s an awesome feature and it works in apps as well. I recommend setting this up now and training at least one finger.

Place your finger on the home button and lift it five to six times and then adjust your grip and repeat the process.

Next you need to make a Passcode. Make sure you remember this because you need it when your phone restarts and if you have trouble with Touch ID.

iCloud KeyChain, Siri & Permissions

Next you set up iCloud Keychain. Keychain syncs your passwords and credit card info across your Mac, iPhone and iPad. I choose to verify from another device and it asks for approval on my Mac, an iPad or even the old iPhone.

On the next screen you can turn on Siri. This is a voice personal assistant that you can ask to open apps, look up information and more. I recommend turning Siri on. With the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 you can even say “Hey Siri” to activate as long as you are connected to power.

Read: 41 Siri Tips & Tricks

Diagnostics and App Analytics – Apple can share diagnostics with itself and app analytics with developers. I choose yes to both, but the option will not impact how you use the iPhone so choose what you prefer.

iPhone 6 Zoom

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus include Display Zoom. This allows you to use a standard view or to make everything bigger on the display. If you have trouble reading the display you should choose Zoom.

Try both out by choosing Standard and Zoom at the top and swiping through examples in the bottom area of the screen. You can also change this later in settings.

After you hit next you are ready to use your iPhone or iPhone 6 Plus.

Final setup steps include opening the App Store and updating Apple apps and then go to Settings to add Mail accounts and adjust other settings.



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