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iPhone 6 to Steal iPhone 5S Feature, Says Analyst



The iPhone 5S release date is on track for June according to an Apple analyst who also believes Apple will skip the fingerprint reader on this model in favor of debuting the iPhone 6 with a built-in fingerprint reader.

The iPhone 5S is likely the next iPhone, which could arrive this summer, while the iPhone 6 is likely a full cycle away with a release in 2014.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster claims that Apple is launching the iPhone 5S in June and that Apple is more likely to save the fingerprint reader feature for the iPhone 6, according to a Cnet report.

Gene Munster is a well-known Apple analyst, but his predictions are not always spot on, especially in connection with the rumored Apple TV set, which he still believes may come later this year.

Munster’s predictions go up against those from KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated that the iPhone 5S release is set for the Summer with a built-in fingerprint reader, but at a later date in the third quarter of the calendar year.

Another shot of the iPhone 6 concept.

Could the iPhone 6 be the first iPhone with a fingerprint reader? Image via

According to Munster the iPhone 5S will not likely receive a fingerprint reader built into the home button. Apple purchased AuthenTec in 2012 for their mobile security expertise and experience with fingerprint readers. The first iPhone 5S rumor was that Apple will include a fingerprint reader built into the device, and it remains one of the most repeated rumors.

Munster believes the iPhone 6 will likely receive the built-in fingerprint reader, which could make the iPhone 5S. This wouldn’t leave the iPhone 5S without any upgrades, but it could put a damper on the desire to upgrade.

A leaked set of alleged iPhone 5S parts include a home button with no fingerprint sensor, which may play a role in Munster’s predictions.

Interestingly enough, Munster thinks there is an “outside chance” that Apple will include NFC in the iPhone 5S to support mobile payments. A recent iPhone 5S rumor out of China claims Apple is planning to build in NFC to the iPhone 5S which will pair with a fingerprint reader to enable secure mobile payments. The rumored iPhone 5S Broadcom chip does not include NFC built-in, but Apple could supplement this with a second chip.

The report doesn’t include any details about what the iPhone 5S will look like, though other rumors point to a minimal redesign. Munster claims the iPhone 5S will see a faster processor, better camera and new software. The new software is likely the iOS 7 update, which would need to surface in beta form soon to deliver major changes for a June release.

So far there are no real iOS 7 feature leaks, but we are seeing plenty of iOS 7 concepts with new lock screens, new app switchers and smoother implementations of iOS 6 features like Do Not Disturb.

iPhone 5S Release Date Rumors

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster claims that Apple is preparing the iPhone 5S for a June launch and release.

This is the second rumor of an iPhone 5S release in June, though the earlier rumor of a Saturday launch event is not likely.

Not only will Apple announce the iPhone 5S in June, according to Munster, but he estimates that the company will sell 4 million new iPhone 5S units before June is over. That’s a decrease from the number of iPhone 5 units Apple sold in the opening weekend for the last iPhone.

iPhone 5S render

The iPhone 5S render from Martin Hajek shows what the iPhone 5S mighty look like.

This iPhone 5S release date prediction is earlier than many previous rumors that point to a July, August or September release, but it would not be the first time Apple announces an iPhone in June or picks a summer iPhone release date.

Disagreeing iPhone 5S release date predictions are expected at this stage in the game. Over the next few months rumors will likely start to narrow in on a specific month, before well-connected individuals drop hints at a specific date or date range. This is the cycle for all the recent Apple product launches.

Munster also believes the cheaper iPhone will debut in September and the Apple HDTV and iWatch could arrive in December.

iPhone 6 Rumors

While we’ve seen a fair share of iPhone 6 rumors, the phone is likely still a year or more in the future. Munster is not the first source to point towards possible iPhone 6 features.

If Apple manages to combine all the realistic iPhone 6 feature rumors into the next, next iPhone we could be looking at a very nice device. Current rumors suggest the iPhone 6 could feature NFC, wireless charging and there are some rumors of a larger display.

We’ve already seen a number of beautiful iPhone 6 concepts that show off an iPhone 6 that Apple could really manufacture and release. Outside of these imaginations, we don’t know much about what an iPhone 6 could look like, only that Apple reportedly has a no home button iPhone 6 prototype with larger screen and a quad-core processor.

The video above shows a new iPhone 6 concept with a familiar design, but a host of new features. We’ve also seen a Galaxy Note 2 sized iPhone 6 concept and a 4.8-inch iPhone 6 concept with no home button, which could mirror the Apple prototype.



  1. james

    03/26/2013 at 12:33 pm

    where can i get one and how much is one ?

  2. Rimsha Awan

    03/26/2013 at 12:48 pm

    Following the iPhone 5S, as predicted by Munster, Apple will release a budget smartphone, the price of which, without reference to the operator to be $ 250.

  3. Aamir Lehri

    03/27/2013 at 10:47 am

    This is better then iphone 5

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