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iPhone 6 Video Delivers Incredibly Detailed Look at Potential Design



A new iPhone 6 video offers a detailed look at a thinner iPhone 6 with a smaller design. This is not an actual iPhone 6 unit that powers on, but a carefully crafted iPhone 6 mock up that lines up with the rumors. There is little chance this alleged iPhone 6 model is from Apple, but it could be part of a case maker’s preparation for a new iPhone.

Apple is working on a new iPhone for 2014 and rumors suggest this device will arrive with a new design, a bigger display and possibly in two sizes. The iPhone 6 name is not official and there is a chance Apple may name the new device the iPhone Air, after the iPad Air line which this new design resembles.

A new video shows a potential iPhone 6 dummy unit that closely matches the latest rumors.

A new video shows a potential iPhone 6 dummy unit that closely matches the latest rumors.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s only comment on the new iPhone is to tell investors that he feels “great” about the new products and they are, “closer than it’s ever been,” to arriving in the hands of consumers.

This new iPhone will help Apple catch up to the best Android smartphones in screen size according to rumors, and at least one analyst predicts that an iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display will help Apple convert many Android users to an iPhone. While there are many iPhone owners that cannot wait to get an iPhone with a bigger display, there are a lot of potential buyers that are concerned about the size of an iPhone with a larger display.

Several alleged iPhone 6 photos, videos and mock ups show how big this new iPhone could be in 2014, and a new video gives a detailed look at the potential iPhone 6 design and size.

Like several other leaks this video arrives from, a french publication that routinely tracks down parts, leaks and videos of unreleased products. this new video, titled “iPhone 6 Dummy?!” shows a physical model of an iPhone 6 that matches the latest rumors, complete with a look at the new button placement and the size of this device.

Like many alleged iPhone 6 photos and video leaks, this one does not include any measurements or objects to compare to the size of the device. Even without a clear comparison, this iPhone 6 dummy unit looks thinner than the iPhone 5s. It resembles a design that we’ve already seen one case made for. iPhone 6 rumors suggest the device will be up to 26% thinner than the iPhone 5s. This means a device that is 6mm to 7mm thick, compared to the 7.6mm thick iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. A Ukrainian leak points to a 6mm thick design while analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes a to 7mm design is more likely.

As the video progresses we get a look at a new design for the volume buttons. The current iPhone volume buttons are circles, but in this video and in recent iPhone leaks the device features a pill shaped volume button that is thinner and longer. This change is likely due to the slightly rounded edge of the iPhone 6 dummy unit and the thinner design. There is still a spot for a mute switch.

The power button is on the right side of this dummy unit, which lines up with other leaks and Kuo’s design change prediction. This leaves the top of the iPhone clean of any buttons or ports and makes it easier to reach a power button with a larger device. Samsung uses a similar design on the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3.

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The back of this iPhone dummy unit shows a marking for the Apple logo and for distinct top and bottom sections. There is no material differences on this dummy unit, but rumors and other leaks suggest Apple may use aluminum for these instead of glass like on the back of the iPhone 5s. There is no protruding camera hump on this concept, but there is still a circular flash. This is interesting due to Apple’s switch to a dual-LED flash with a pill-shaped design on the iPhone 5s in 2013. On the bottom edge of this iPhone 6 concept we see a familiar lightning port, headphone jack and speaker.

Without a measurement we cannot tell if this is a 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch iPhone 6 mock up. Rumors point to two different iPhone 6 models this year with distinct screen sizes. Based on the size in relation to the pen in the background and the hand, this is possibly a 4.7-inch dummy unit. For more, check out our comparison of the iPhone 6 4.7-inch vs 5.5-inch.

There is always a possibility that this is not the actual iPhone 6 design. In 2012 a leak and sources pointed to a iPhone with a teardrop design and one case company produced a large batch of iPhone cases based on this leak and their sources. When the iPhone event arrived Apple showed off the iPhone 5, which is not remotely teardrop shaped.

Rumors point to an iPhone 6 release date this fall with a 4.7-inch model arriving first and a 5.5-inch device coming later in the holiday shopping season. Apple may include a new Apple A8 processor, 1GB RAM and even NFC. Expect modest upgrades to the camera, with a jump in pixel size rumored.

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