iPhone 6 With Bigger Display Pegged for Early 2014

The iPhone 6 is coming in early 2014 with a larger 4.8-inch display according to a new analyst note from Citi.

In the note to investors, Citi points to an early release of a larger iPhone 6 as it predicts a small iPhone 5S delay that won’t push the release out past September, but will result in limited iPhone 5S quantities.

The investor note, which likely comes from a variety of supply chain sources, outlines potential release timing for many un-announced Apple products, including two new iPhone models.

Apple could offer an iPhone 6 in early 2014 with a bigger screen to compete with Android devices.

Apple could offer an iPhone 6 in early 2014 with a bigger screen to compete with Android devices.

iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 Release

According to Citi Research analyst Glen Yeung, Apple is prepping a swift iPhone 6 release to follow the iPhone 5S. In the note shared on CNet, Yeung writes,

We…expect a 4.8 [inch] screen iPhone 6 to be launched in 1Q14

This would be a major change from Apple’s one phone a year summer and all release cycle, but the company has announced versions of the iPhone in the first quarter before, specifically the Verizon iPhone 4.

Yeung believes the iPhone 5S is facing a two to four-week delay, but still agrees with sources who claim Apple will launch the iPhone 5S in September.

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If these predictions come through, Apple would offer an iPhone 5S release by October and then possibly launch a larger iPhone 6 within three to six months. The timing would be tight, and many analysts are pointing to June 2014 as an iPhone 6 release date, but Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets claims Apple is working on a larger screen iPhone 5S for 2013. It’s still more likely, based on Apple’s previous releases, that Apple will save a larger screen for an iPhone 6 model next year.

Tim Cook recently left the door open for a larger screen, when the screens are available that meet Apple’s standards for quality.

The iPhone 5S will likely arrive with a similar design to the iPhone 5, but could sport a new 12MP camera and there are rumors of a fingerprint reader that could offer built-in security.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5S at an event in September, which will likely time up with the public iOS 7 release. Apple is expected to announce iOS 7 today, and typically requires a 60 to 90 day period of testing for a new version of iOS and releases it days ahead of a new iPhone.

The iPhone 6 is the common name given to the next all new iPhone, which multiple sources point to for a 2014 release. Rumors include a larger display and all new design for this iPhone.