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iPhone 6c Rumors Swirl Thanks to New Leaked Design



In the past, we’ve only heard by ear of iPhone 6c rumors, but new leaks show what could be the exterior shell design of the lower-cost iPhone.

Photos from the Future Supplier show the exterior casing in the flesh, alongside a comparison with the iPhone 5c. The new design for the iPhone 6c looks almost unchanged from the iPhone 5c, but there are a couple of differences this time around.

The iPhone 6c’s camera LED flash is elongated just like on the iPhone 5s, rather than a plain circle that’s on the iPhone 5c. Furthermore, there are more speaker grille holes on the bottom of the casing.

Whether or not these photos are real is up in the air, so we’re taking these images with a grain of salt, but plenty of past rumors have pointed to a lower cost iPhone 6 model that could release later this year when Apple announces the iPhone 6s.


According to previous reports, Apple could release a 4-inch iPhone 6c, bringing back the lower-cost model that we first saw in the iPhone 5c in 2013.

Rumors have also said that all of the new devices will come equipped with Corning’s Gorilla Glass (rather than Sapphire glass), and the iPhone 6s series will use the next-generation A9 processor, while the iPhone 6c will use the current A8 processor.

Essentially, it seems like the iPhone 6c will merely be a clone of the iPhone 6, but with a smaller 4-inch display. However, we’ll ultimately have to wait and see what Apple decides to do in September, which is the time of the year when Apple usually launches new iPhone models. It might be difficult to fit in iPhone 6 technology into an iPhone 5c shell, but we’ll see if Apple can make those advancements.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of Apple bringing back the 4-inch screen. Late last year, there was another rumor that suggested that the Cupertino-based company would be introducing the iPhone 6c in 2015, equipped with a 4-inch display.

It will certainly bring back the one thing that made the iPhone great to use: one-handed functionality. The 4-inch screen made it really easy for users with smaller hands to reach every corner of the display, but the larger 4.7-inch iPhone 6 got rid of that convenience.


Apple was one of the last big phone manufacturers to do away with smaller screens in favor of larger ones, and it was easy to see why. The ability to use a phone with one hand is a huge feature, but with a bulk of phone makers moving towards larger screens, Apple was bound to head in that direction as well.

Of course, we’re taking this rumor with big grain of salt, and we’d be moderately surprised if Apple did indeed re-release a 4-inch iPhone, but we’ve been surprised by Apple before, so we’re not saying that the idea is completely far-fetched.

While Apple could be re-introducing a smaller iPhone, the iPhone 6 can still be used with one hand, thanks to a feature called Reachability that allows users to double-tap on the Home button to bring down the top row of apps and easily reach any button that’s toward the top of the screen.

Reachability can be accessed by simply double-tapping on the Home button. This is different than double-clicking. Tapping involves just resting your finger on top of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor without actually clicking down on the Home button.

By double-tapping on the Home button, the entire screen moves down about halfway, allowing you easier access to the top of the screen. This feature is great for users who are constantly using their iPhone 6 one-handed.

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